Could You Live With Only 100 Items?

Over at the New York Times, they have a profile of a woman in Portland, OR, who has spent the last three years with only 100 items to her name. In addition to living with less clutter, she and her husband have also managed to erase $30,000 in debt.

“The idea that you need to go bigger to be happy is false,” she says. “I really believe that the acquisition of material goods doesn’t bring about happiness.”

She and her husband gradually began winnowing down their belongings: unused clothing, shoes, books, even the TV were all sacrificed.

She explains:

My lifestyle now would not be possible if I still had a huge two-bedroom apartment filled to the gills with stuff, two cars, and 30 grand in debt.

Give away some of your stuff… See how it feels.

But the question is: Could you do the same?

But Will It Make You Happy? [NY Times]

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