Comcast & Blockbuster Try To Double-Team Netflix With DVDsByMail

With Netflix invading Canada and Redbox thinking about going online, the once-great Blockbuster Video has teamed up with Comcast to launch a joint effort:

The site, which says it’s in beta, offers Comcast subscribers a chance to sign up for the video chain’s Blockbuster by Mail service at a discounted rate.

While the prices listed to non-Comcast subscribers like myself appear to be the same as the prices at, commenters over at say that the prices are significantly lower for Comcast customers.

In addition to the price, one advantage could be Blockbuster’s recent deals with several movie studios that gives the Buster a 28-day headstart on Netflix and Redbox, who are not allowed to rent some new release titles during that time period.

Has anyone tried this yet? If so, how does the selection and pricing match up against Netflix?

Comcast & Blockbuster Beta Testing [Hacking Netflix]

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