Netflix To Offer Streaming-Only Service In Canada

We know that Consumerist has readers in Canada; we can hear them gloating every time we write about health care. But for years, we’ve had something our neighbors to the north (unless you’re reading this in Alaska) have been coveting — Netflix. Alas, that piece of Americana is soon to go international when it launches a video-streaming service in Canada later this year.

Unlike in the U.S., where customers get streaming video in conjunction with Netflix’s DVD-by-mail plans, Canadians will only be able to view selections from the company’s library of streaming videos.

Another hitch that might rub French-Canadian customers the wrong way — At launch, the service will only be available in English.

No pricing or specific dates were given in Monday’s announcement, though more details are expected later this week when Netflix announces its quarterly earnings.

This is also yet another blow to the gut of wheezing Blockbuster Video, who recently used all their Canadian bricks-and-mortar outlets as collateral in a deal with Fox and Sony.

All this Canada talk aside, how many of you would want a streaming-only service from Netflix for stateside customers?

Netflix chooses Canada for its international debut [Netflix]

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