Which Illegal Activities Get A Pass From You?

Whenever we write about things like cable TV, DRM and paywalls, we get numerous comments and e-mails from readers about various ways — almost all illegal — people beat the system and get TV shows, movies, video games, software, etc. for free. Which has got us to wondering where you draw the line on these and other matters.

Almost everyone reading this — and perhaps writing it, though I confess nothing — has at some point copied music illegally. Many of us drank alcohol before we were of age, or drove a car before we were licensed. Speaking of which, who among us hasn’t gone over the speed limit?

What about people who pay for admission to one movie at the multiplex and then hop to another screen to make it a double feature for the price of one.

Does stealing toilet paper or office supplies from the workplace really count as stealing?

Also, that office pool for March Madness might not be legal; same with that $50 buy-in poker game you and your pals have every Tuesday night.

Are you going to turn in your friend who figured out a way to vacation in Cuba last year? Or the couple on the third floor whose apartment reeks of pot?

And what about those bastards who jaywalk?

But seriously folks, there are a lot of illegal activities that we either participate in or turn a blind eye toward. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this, so please share them below…

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