Should AC Caps Be Redesigned So Teens Stop Huffing The Refrigerant And Dying?

“My husband came home and saw someone hunched over by the AC unit. He basically said, ‘What are you doing?’ and when he did that and touched my son, he fell over. And when he fell over, he made this strange sound like the air was coming out of his lungs,” said a woman who is now the president of UPROAR, United Parents to Restrict Open Access to Refrigerant.

AC refrigerant can be easily accessed via a simple valve cap, and UPROAR would like to change that. One company, for instance, sells a tamper-resistant cap that can only be opened with a proprietary key.

AC huffing is a problem in some communities. The president of an air conditioning repair service told WPLG that his workers spot suspicious tampering at least once a month. “We have seen it several times where the unit is out of refrigerant and the service caps are missing and no leaks on the system,” he said.

“Don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t think my child was going to do this. I taught him better and he knows better,” the president of UPROAR said.

Teen Huffs AC Refrigerant, Dies [WPLG] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)


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  1. NarcolepticGirl says:

    “Should AC Caps Be Redesigned So Teens Stop Huffing The Refrigerant And Dying?”


    • Shadowfax says:

      Yes, they should.

      Not because I care if the kid dies, because frankly anyone stupid enough to breathe AC refrigerant probably should not breed (and don’t tell me “but he’s just a kid!” because I was a kid too, and never did anything this stupid), but because refrigerant is expensive, and too easy to steal at this point.

      • chiieddy says:

        Agreed. Having to replace the refrigerant is also a pain. You have to get someone out there to do it

      • Rachacha says:

        proprietery locking caps will only be effective until some site on the internet starts selling the special keys for $3.00 + shipping, at which point anyone who wants to steal and/or huff will have access to the keys.

      • Link_Shinigami says:

        These aren’t raccoons. These are people. You lock it down, they smash it off. Then not only do you have to pay to refill, you have to pay to fix any damages done. At first I liked your idea, but then I realized what I do when I can’t get the cap off of a bottle of coke, or anything with the safety ring/lock system, I try to cut it off. Sure, it’s fine if you cut the tamper proof ring from a coke bottle that doesn’t want to detach, or you snip a tylenol bottles side to circumvent the safety thing because you use it, well for this, I imagine it’d cost some money to get it fixed and you also have to worry about the fluid cost as well.

        Likewise, since this is probably out of America, the land of sue happy people, if someone hurt themselves trying to get the cap off and hurt themselves, they sue the company that made it. Or if they are trying to pop the cap from someone else’s AC, they sue them. And if it went to jury, the huffer would be awarded (Remember the articles about the guy that broke into someones house out in Michigan, only to fall and stab himself on their butcher block knife kit in the kitchen, and then sued and won? That’s how I see this happening)

        Like I said, at first I liked your reasoning, but then I realized, it could get so much messier with the caps than without.

        • Shadowfax says:

          You’ve got a good point, but legally speaking I think you’d be on shaky ground if it were claimed that the air conditioner were an “attractive nuisance.”

          That phrase is usually used with swimming pools. If you build a pool and don’t fence it in, and then the neighbor kid sneaks over for a swim and drowns in your pool, you’re liable, even though the neighbor kid was trespassing without your permission, because the pool is considered an attractive nuisance.

          If you build a fence, and the neighbor kid climbs over the fence and then drowns in your pool, you’re much less likely to be held liable, because you took steps to try and prevent the neighbor kid from getting into your pool, and he circumvented them.

          I think it’d work the same way here. If you know that kids are huffing air conditioners, and you don’t take steps to secure the attractive nuisance, you might be held liable if a kid dies.

          Both cases are, I think, stupid. If the kid doesn’t want to get hurt, then he should stay the hell off my property. But unfortunately, the legal process tends to favor the stupid. Reverse Darwinism, really.

          • Sneeje says:

            Agree, but, in the pool instance its more to cover kids that are much younger. Yes parents should be watching them, but all it takes is a moment.

            One morning (still mostly dark) I woke up out of a deep sleep with the feeling that I heard the front door open. I peek out of the upstairs window to see my 5 yr old son running across the street in his PJs. Apparently he had a dream that his friend across the street got hurt and he had to go warn him. The door was locked, but he knew where the key was (has to be accessible for emergency egress). What are you gonna do?

    • c!tizen says:

      I say no as well.

      On another note, just legalize pot already… I think it may solve this problem too.

      • partofme says:

        Because if the solution was to make other substances legal, we would have solved the war on drugs simply by leaving alcohol and tobacco legal.

        • misterfweem says:

          Partofme, you just won the Internet.

        • mac-phisto says:

          but alcohol & tobacco aren’t legal – for minors. i think this is an important distinction, b/c aside from charlie kelly, you don’t see a whole lot of adults huffing. so really, it comes down to an issue of access. this is why tamper-resistant caps might actually be a good idea.

        • PunditGuy says:

          In order for alcohol and cigarette use to displace illegal drug use — which, for many people and for certain drugs, I bet they do — they have to have a reasonable facsimile of the effect or offer a reasonable substitution of effect. In this case, marijuana would be a reasonable facsimile for huffing. I don’t think citizen’s point is easily dismissible.

        • JohnDeere says:

          the solution is not to make other drugs legal. it is to make ALL drugs legal.

          • pantheonoutcast says:

            Yes. Agreed. This way as many idiots can die in the fastest possible timeframe, paving the way for a society free from people who need to abuse whipped cream, spray paint and air conditioners in order to entertain themselves.

    • sleze69 says:

      Agreed. Parents who don’t teach their children the dangers of huffing chemicals are great Darwin award candidates…even if it is their children’s deaths that get the job done.

      • Donkey Hoti says:

        My brother and I somehow managed to never get hurt by the unlocked, fully loaded gun next to my mother’s side of the bed in the nightstand. They instructed us they were not toys, and we didn’t play with them. We weren’t lucky; we got this thing called parenting.

    • SBinVA says:

      Natural Selection FTW!

    • BrandonOBrien says:

      Darwin will always prevail.

      • Snaptastic says:


        I also believe that we should remove all warning labels that state not to ingest the object they are affixed to. That way, we can cull some of the lower hanging fruit from the gene pool. (seriously, if anyone is dumb enough to down a bottle of windex, they deserve not to have the opportunity to procreate)

        • Crim Law Geek says:

          Not for nothing, but how did you learn Windex was bad for you? Did you maybe read a label once telling you ammonia is bad? Perhaps your parents told you; how do you suppose they figured it out?

          • InfoDump says:

            The same way our ancestors learned things were bad for them. I looked at it, I smelled it, and then I tasted it.

            Look: This is a very pleasant color. This might be food.

            Smell: Ugh; that smell isn’t pleasant. But the bad smell is disguised by pleasing notes, and that color is very appealing. The possibility that this is food is still on the table.

            Taste: UGH. Unpleasant! Not Good! This is definitely not food and I shouldn’t put it in my mouth!

            And lo, that was how I learned Windex was bad for me.

            • elephantattack says:

              huh, taste test cyanide and tell me how that goes… Before you say you’ll never see it in real life, it’s used to clean in some industries. My Grandpa used to own one and kept cyanide in an unmarked container. Almost killed my dad when he thought it was water (why he only touched his tongue to it though is odd)… It also tastes like almonds apparently. He was out for three days.

    • vastrightwing says:

      No, we really should redesign cars: remove the wheels to stop all the traffic fatalities. Cars kill way more people then air conditioners do. Let Darwin take care of the ones who insist on doing incredibly stupid things. We can’t protect everyone.

    • DrLumen says:

      Exactly. If the AC repair people can get the caps off so can a bunch of kids. Is anything really ever child-proof?

    • ShadowFalls says:

      Stupid people will do stupid things. If you want to protect your child that much, stick it in a bubble.

    • DWMILLER says:

      Make something idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

    • nosense22 says:

      Agree. No.

    • duncanblackthorne says:

      No, they should not. Parents should be more cognizant of what their kids are up to.

    • Froggmann says:

      Ding! we have a winner!

  2. herbie says:

    Does trying to keep drugs/intoxicants out of the hands of determined high-seekers ever really work? I’m not optimistic. Seems like the key would just become a hot item.

    • youbastid says:

      Exactly, and creating a coalition against it is just drawing attention to the fact that AC’s can get you high. Before, I had no idea you could get high off AC refrigerant. Thanks to UPROAR, now I do, and while I surely won’t be taking advantage of that, I’m sure a lot of curious teens will start wondering about it when they find out it’s even a possibility.

    • S says:

      Generally, taking measures to prevent someone from misusing a product only makes life more difficult for those who wish to use the product properly.

      Case in point: canned air. Manufacturers of this stuff now put a bitterant into their product to keep idiots from abusing it. This bitterant is bad enough that I feel the urge to puke every time I use it to blow out a case, and end up having to wash my face and change shirts because that crap gets on everything. I personally know several people who no longer buy canned air products to clean out their electronics.

      • ktetch says:

        Well, part of that might be because it’s a silly thing to do. You want to remove the detritus, not blast it everywhere. Nothing quite like a high pressure blast to jam debris under components, rather than actually remove it in the first place.

        It’s actually the second step of my test for competence.
        1) Do they work for Best Buy (Or PC World in the UK)
        2) do they use ‘canned air’ to clean a system

        Answering yes to either one means I wouldn’t even let you get sight of the keyboard let alone touch anything.

        • S says:

          I’ve always used canned air to blow the large chunks out of a case before starting the actual cleaning. I also have a heatsink on one of my machines with razor thin blades that only compressed air or complete disassembly followed by putting it in the dishwasher will actually clean. I have opened machines to find dust rabbits (more feral and less cute than dust bunnies) and will at least try to get all the larger stuff out. Many times this requires compressed air as my hands are large and don’t fit well in tight spaces.

          I’ll agree that it’s more of a last ditch effort to clean something, but calling someone incompetent because they used it is moronic.

          • Red Cat Linux says:

            +2 to ya.

            Canned air is a tool. It’s excellent for chasing dustbunnies and other debris out of cases. And it seems simple enough that everyone can use it right? Nope.

            I see people shaking the can first, leaving the machine plugged in while they use it, turning the can upside down, spraying too close to the components, spaying until the white wet condensation forms on components and spraying dustbunnies *into* the machine, rather than out of it.

            Those people deserve a thwapp upside the head for not thinking, or general stupidity, depending on how you want to interpret it.

        • DH405 says:

          Wow, that’s really.. Not too bright.

          Canned air can be an excellent tool for getting dust and such out of heatsinks and other areas that you can’t just reach with your hand or any tool without risking damage.

          Did some old guy tell you this load of crap and you just took it as knowledge that you had an others didn’t, a reason to feel superior? Really, what is the basis of your “observation” other than pure conjecture?

      • The Porkchop Express says:

        case in point 2: Cold medicines that work. I have to stand there and swipe my ID and sign crap just to get the “good” stuff because some yay-hoo might use it to make meth.

  3. EarthAngel says:

    How about parents teach their teens to stop huffing refrigerant?

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      I doubt they’re being *taught*. Though you could argue lack of both personal responsibility and free-thinking is causing it, and that can be taught.

    • Enduro says:

      I like this line:
      “Don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t think my child was going to do this. I taught him better and he knows better,” the president of UPROAR said.

      Actuallllllly he doesn’t know better. It sucks but he did something stupid, ergo he is no more.

    • Mr.Grieves says:


      Instead of ignoring dangers out there, kids need to be educated about them or they’ll just find out for themselves. And unlike something like weed, we know huffing is incredibly bad for you, kids need to stop doing new drugs and just go with the old stand by lol.

    • youbastid says:

      Yup, because when you’re a parent and you tell your kid not to do something, they never, ever do it.

      • excaza says:

        When my parents told me something would kill me, I tended not to do it.

      • DariusC says:

        Yes, because nothing is ever preventable and I am sure the parents never saw this coming. Prince probably just got curious one day while he was thinking about church, school and being a priest one day and the devil tempted him to open the cap and inhale the fumes until he died.

        Please, parents think their kids are the best and its a line of bull.

      • Doughbuy says:

        So if you tell your kid not to jump off a cliff he will?

        Sound like your kid has issues… I’d recommend a good psychologist.

    • Pax says:

      What … ask the sperm-donors and waling incubators to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the offspring their sexual romp(s) created?

      How dare you!!!


    • Intheknow says:

      Do you have any teenagers? YOU try “teaching” your teenager not to drink, take drugs, have sex, huff. It’s nearly impossible to “teach” a teenager anything. They believe they are invincible.

      • EarthAngel says:

        I’m not teaching my son not to drink or not have sex. I was a teen once and I know better. I’m teaching him that if he drinks, he better call me for a ride home. If he has sex, his pecker better be covered.

        And I am telling him that drugs will absolutely destroy him. If I see my child laying on the railroad tracks and a train is coming, I’m not about to sit back and say “Well that’ll teach him to think he’s invincible.”

    • watch me boogie says:

      The problem with teenagers and kids is that they’re people. Some do what they’re told, some do whatever they want. My observation has been that the level of a kid’s obedience correlates with their fear of the consequences (barring actual behavioral/mental problems). Not all of them will fear the same things, either. I was the goodest little quiet mouse because I was so afraid of my mother, but my sister did whatever she wanted, even though we were parented exactly the same way.

      Prime example: I never sniffed glue or did any other drugs, while my sibling is still alive largely due to dumb luck. We were both told never to ever do drugs and threatened with all kinds of punishments that we knew would be followed through. We’re just different people.

  4. Ilovegnomes says:

    WTF?!! Where are teens getting the idea to do this in the first place? The world shouldn’t have to redesign everything to make up for lack of parenting or supervision.

  5. Admiral_John says:

    Why should I have to retrofit my AC unit or deal with the hassle of keeping track of a key or some other locking mechanism because some parents haven’t taken the steps to ensure their kids aren’t doing this kind of thing?

    • NightSteel says:

      You already pay for the War on Drugs..

    • c!tizen says:

      Why? So you’re not constantly paying to refill the refrigerant, and so you don’t have to call someone to clean all the bodies off of your AC.

      • operator207 says:

        No, because it is NOT HIS JOB to teach other parent’s kids to not huff his personal property. With the cost of refrigerant, I am surprised we do not treat this as it really is, theft.

        You huff my refrigerant, causing my house to not cool properly. It makes me spend money to replace the refrigerant, repair any damage you do to my unit while getting the refrigerant (ruin the fittings, cause a leak, replace compressor because it overheated and burned out, whatever) You inconvenience my family by making it hot in the house until I can get it fixed.

        Am I supposed to feel sorry for anyone who does this to me and my family? No.

        • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

          If the person lived and I knew who it was, I would make sure the police charged them with theft and trespassing.

      • S says:

        By this logic, do I need to fit all of my outdoor faucets with some special locking mechanism so that some asshole doesn’t turn the water on while I’m gone and drown themselves? If I come home and find my neighbor has hung himself using the swingset in my backyard, does that have to be idiotproofed as well?

      • RxDude says:

        Just leave one body there. That will help prevent other bodies from popping up.

  6. waltcoleman says:

    Sounds like Darwinism at work…

    • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

      Exactly! Perhaps the parents need to be fined $50,000 whether or not their kid lives.

  7. smo0 says:

    No. Population control… our redesigned education system is pumping out more of these “winners” – Darwinism at it’s finest.

  8. adlauren says:

    Is it sad that the first thing I thought after reading this was how good the group’s acronym is?

    • MamaBug says:

      I think INHALE would be better – Initiating Non-inHalants Awareness Leading Everyone.

      so I suck at acronyms. I still think I should run for political office.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      Same here. My question is does the acronym come first or last.

  9. woahmelly says:

    Hello Darwin.

  10. DanyO says:

    Sadly, putting the refrigerant out of reach will most likely result in teens trying to get high off of something else. I mean hey, gasoline/markers/solvents are all within reach…

    We need to find a solution to the problem here, not to the symptoms.

  11. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    If you build a better mousetrap, the mouse only gets smarter.

  12. Yankees368 says:

    if anyone is dumb enough to actually do this, I say let them destroy their brains with it. You CANNOT idiot proof the entire world, and this issues is so specifically narrow, its just insane.

  13. TheWillow says:

    am I the only person who this would never even have appealed or occurred to?

    • shockwaver1 says:

      No, you aren’t. My first thought was – Holy shit, you can huff AC refrigerant? How do people think of this? Do they just randomly go huffing crap until it gets them high?

      “You know man, if you grind up some leaves in a can, shit on them, then spill the blood of an entire cat in to the can after 6 months, 3 days, and 4 hours you can inhale it and get a buzz”

      • TheWillow says:

        I feel the same way about food. Who’s the first person who looked at an artichoke and went: I bet if I like, boil this and shave off the outside and don’t eat the fluffy part it will be delicious.

    • tsukiotoshi says:

      No, this would never have occurred to me as a kid. I remember when I was in high school sniffing glue and that thing you do with aerosol cans was a big thing but it never appealed to me in the slightest. I have no idea what possesses kids to do this sort of thing. Go destroy monsters and Nazis in video games like normal children.

    • Cyniconvention says:

      I didn’t even know what a refrigerant was until I saw this.

  14. kaldurak says:

    Score one more for Darwin :highfive:

  15. TuxthePenguin says:

    “… can only be opened with a proprietary key”

    Ah, so someone out there is trying to make some money. How about we just design them that you can put most any lock on… you know, like the one on the gate into my backyard? That’s kept everyone out so far.

    • aloria says:

      This will be just like the “proprietary” keys for the locks on ATMs, which can be ordered cheaply and easily if you know where to look on the Internet.

    • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

      I read that with a bit of skepticism. If they give a key to the owners, then the kid will get it. Sure the company servicing these want to put a proprietary lock on it and call it child safety but what it really means is locking these suckers in as customers because no other company will have the key to it.

      Before passing legislation to require this kind of lock, I propose that those so concerned and riled up should all drain their air conditioners and scrap them.

  16. ianmac47 says:

    Absolutely not. Charles Darwin is looking out for humanity’s future.

  17. gqcarrick says:

    Nope. Survival of the fittest. If kids want to do this and kill themselves but sorry, they may not have been a good candidate to keep around. If I would have even thought of doing this as a kid my dad would have kicked my ass.

  18. Audi_addict says:

    Floriduh. ‘Nough said.

  19. savvy9999 says:

    A/C refrigerant? WTF

    I thought we were dumb for trying to smoke banana peels once. Maybe twice. Ok, until we got a terrible headache.

    I can honestly say, as reckless as me and my buddies were, we never dreamed of sucking R140A out of an air conditioner.

    I grieve for those parents’ loss, but edumacation is the only thing gonna stop that kind of stupid.

  20. farlo666 says:

    If someone is dumb enough to do this and die from doing so, its no ones fault but their own, just another idiot getting a darwin award.

  21. arachne says:

    Apparently these are the people who have caused the sale of canned air to be restricted to adults? Their source of canned air being gone they head to the air conditioner.

    • grucifer says:

      I don’t thin canned air contains freon.

      • arachne says:

        People huff all kids of things. Canned air, hairspray, nearly anything with a propellant in it will cause a feeling of being high because they are asphyxiant gases. The high sensation is due to oxygen deprivation. Death is usually by suffocation when it proves fatal. I knew of case where someone huffing gasoline managed to set herself on fire though.

        This is the first time I have heard of someone huffing refrigerant.

        • grucifer says:

          Oh I realize this, but freon is refrigerant which canned air does not have, was my point :-)

          • Ryan says:

            The 1,1-difluoroethane present in canned air can get plenty cold if one sprays a can continuously for too long or if one inverts the can and proceeds to spray with the can while up-side down. You can get frost on the from continuous overuse. One can also do worse, like frostbite, if you spray the liquid on exposed skin and then the liquid evaporates. The phase change from liquid to gas requires quite a bit of energy. Energy the water in your skin would be only too happy to provide.

            As for this suggestion for fill valves, I’m not sure that a specially keyed cover would help much. Being able to duplicate the shape of a single, inexpensive key with instructions from the internet isn’t beyond the abilities of most people. Its not like this new system could use expensive locks especially if the keys are inconveniently individualized by manufacturer. For that matter, how do they expect keys to stay secure? The whole plan also runs into another problem, what is there to stop someone with a decent pair of wire cutters to cut the entire fill valve off, thus defeating the point of the new cap? Also, using a wire cutter to sever part of the coolant loop is another fine way to access the refrigerant.

    • Shadowfax says:

      Ironically (And I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of hell for saying this) if they’d just legalize marijuana, the kids stupid enough to want to get high would be able to do it on something vastly more safe than canned air or freon.

      Just sayin’. . .

      • EnergyStarr says:

        in my hometown several kids died from smoking jimson weed. a legal, widely available weed in any abandoned field or lot. there are a billion different legal ways to alter consciousness, an argument for legalizing pot is not validated by a story like this.

        • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

          Psshhh. My property was featured in the New York Times after their reporter found Jimson weed growing in the fields after some kids from a nearby school got it there and almost died.

        • RxDude says:

          Actually, the argument to legalize pot kinda IS strengthened by a story like this.

          If the kids could have sparked up a doobie, they likely wouldn’t have been smoking something with fatal anticholinergic effects.

      • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

        You do know that most of the “legalize it” initiatives still agree that it should be illegal for minors, right?

    • dobi says:

      I bought a can of canned air recently, and it was marked on the can as a “bittergent”; as in, it tastes bitter. Curiosity led me to let out some of the air-juice and lick it. Turns out, it really is bitter! Though I don’t know if it would stop me from getting high off of it…

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      No, it wasn’t them. It was all this girls fault:

  22. grucifer says:

    Kids just wanna get high man, why can’t anyone just let them be?

  23. marthax says:

    Darwin moment

  24. Panoptic says:

    Pfft. Kids should stop being wusses and just hold their breath until they pass out. Would certainly be safer than inhaling something that is acutely toxic and causes cardiac arrhythmia.

    OR, parents could actually involve themselves in their kids’ lives rather than let them be raised by whatever influence happens to drift by and make an impression.

  25. hosehead says:

    Sucks. Sorry kids are dying.

    Then again, I childproof my house for my toddler. Should all cabinets have child-proof locking mechanisms?

    If you want to tamper-proof your air conditioning, go for it. Making it mandatory is a bit silly, though.

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      Hell, I didn’t even need to tamper proof my cabinets. I taught my child to stay out of them, but I did have one cabinet she was allowed to open and I put cool stuff in it she could bang on, put on her head, etc…Certainly if I could teach my one-year-old not to get into things, people could teach their teens not to huff shit.

      I also have to wonder how awesome his home life was if he had to go around huffing a highly toxic substance to forget his troubles. Smoking pot or getting your drink on with friends occasionally is one thing, but doing some shit like huffing freon while you are alone, no less, is a sign of something way more ominous.

  26. stuny says:

    Teenagers should be redesigned.

  27. dbeahn says:

    “I taught him better and he knows better”

    Uh, apparently not?

    • Cantras says:


      • prezuiwf says:

        I thought the same thing. Make no mistake, it’s a horrible thing that happened, but that quote makes it sound like the whole crusade is an excuse for this woman to clear her conscience and pretend that if only AC caps were redesigned, her son wouldn’t have done drugs.

  28. qbubbles says:

    Legalize pot. No one ever died from smokin pot. Sometimes they do stupid shit and die from the subsequent actions, but no one ever died from straight smokin pot.

    • whgt says:

      Not a bad idea. And tax the heck out of it like cigarettes to help out this huge nation deficit we have! (That isn’t sarcasm, or politically charged. That deficit has been built up by both parties.)

  29. Thyme for an edit button says:

    I feel for the parents. I don’t blame them for their son’s death.

    However, I also don’t think any sort of special valve should be required. It looks like there are options to purchase locking mechanisms so if you want one you can get one. A label indicating there is a toxic substance present should be required I think, but I have never looked at an AC unit up close so maybe there are already such warnings.

    Sometimes people die because of their own stupidity e.g. choosing to inhale a toxic substance for kicks. This wasn’t some innocent child who accidentally opened a bottle of bleach or something and inhaled the fumes… this was a kid who knew what he was inhaling and chose to do it anyway.

  30. Rocket says:

    WTF? I read the article and was like “this is real?” How dumb do you have to be to do this? I’d hate to learn about people joining UPROAR. That would mean there are more kids this dumb too.

  31. Keter says:

    It never would have even occurred to me to drink the stuff under the sink or sniff spray paint or glue had I not been specifically educated NOT to do this. Not that I did it, getting “high” had no appeal – the point is that our “education” may actually be giving these kids ideas.

    And yes, I am very tired of having to pay more for things that don’t work as well just because some idiot misused the product. There needs to be a category that automatically rejects litigation from people who did things to themselves. This category can be based on a single premise: that anything that happens to a person while they are in the engaged in criminal conduct is 100% at their own liability. Huffing refrigerant is already a crime in most if not all areas, thus no litigation could come out of the incident, and no requirement to change a product that works perfectly well as it is to satisfy insurer’s demands.

    • bsh0544 says:

      Not that I’m defending the practice, but what crime is there in huffing refrigerant, as long as it’s your refrigerant?

      • Daggertrout says:

        I would think it would fall under section 608 of the Clean Air Act of 1990

      • teamplur says:

        ‘It is unlawful to use this product in a manner not in accordance with it’s intended use’
        Most things I buy that can poison you have a label that says something like this on it

  32. frak says:

    Only if we can re-design parents first.

  33. Dapper Dan says:

    Should we stop selling whip-its? What about cough syrup? Or how about Tobacco, and beer?

    Seriously, let’s focus on more important things like community service and outreach programs.

    • qbubbles says:

      I had no frickin CLUE that sucking the propellant out of a can of whipped cream was illegal until my friend, who happens to be a lawyer, told me to quit joking about it at work functions. You dont even get high!

      • youbastid says:

        Uh, yeah ya do. You must have been doing it wrong!

        • qbubbles says:

          Pff… I can go complain to my doc about my back and get a quick legal high with meds. Whip-its is nothing.

          • youbastid says:

            YOU can do that, 14 year old kids can’t. Why do you think they resort to getting high in such stupid ways?

            • aloria says:

              When I was 14 years old, I was smart enough to know how to look up various medical symptoms online to get the sort of prescriptions I wanted. It’s how I ended up with valium.

  34. sendbillmoney says:

    UPROAR (United Parents to Restrict Open Access to Refrigerant)? What if nonparents want to participate? They should be more inclusive.

    How about: Federation to Avoid Inhaling Legal but Unhealthy Refrigerants Everywhere?

    • Lollerface says:

      I love it!

    • Rocket says:

      FAILURE +1

    • TheSpatulaOfLove says:

      +1 Intarwebz to you for the clever acronym.

    • Primarylupine says:

      Y’know, if I was a senator/congresscritter, I would vote down any bill that came up with a “clever” acronym/retronym title, or has some diphead’s name attached to it.

      And no, don’t redesign anything. I’m already pissed that I can’t find canned air that doesn’t have some crap in it to keep people from huffing it.

  35. ptkdude says:

    No, they shouldn’t. It should be survival of the fittest. But then, I don’t think there should be crosswalks, either. If you can’t cross the street without getting hit by a car, you’re not smart enough to live. And if you get hit because your flip-flop “shoe” fell off in the middle of the street, you get what you deserve.

    • smo0 says:

      I J-walk to the bus stop, but it’s usually 6 am and there’s hardly anyone around.
      I would not attempt that shit mid-day, especially in this town.

      I see people do it all of the time in the middle of traffic… casually walking too… not “oh shit, I need to hurry my ass up!” No… more like this entitled “you need to wait for ME to cross…”

      On the same note, I see cars making right hand turns at the cross walks, not waiting for people to cross – and not that I don’t think if it’s clear, they shouldn’t just go… no they inch little by little, in a threatening “hurry your ass up” way or they’ll just go even if they are just inches from hitting someone….

      This city is shit for pedestrians AND drivers.

  36. dumpsterj says:

    they should make the mix instantly fatal , screw those losers. put a bigass warning on it that says “instantly fatal” , if they are willing to do it after that , they can die for all i care.

  37. Lollerface says:

    No. We can’t keep baby-proofing everything. There comes a point where you have to wonder if this is natural selection for the modern age.

    • redwall_hp says:

      And “baby-proofing” shouldn’t extend to teens. If you haven’t learned to not be an idiot by that point, you’re just going to end up a Darwin Award candidate from one thing or another. There are LOTS of other things to inhale. (Paint, cleaners, etc.)

  38. OnePumpChump says:

    Yes, they should be redesigned. Those kids should be huffing gasoline, like civilized teenagers.

  39. Mike says:

    I have little sympathy for kids dumb enough to puff refrigerant. If you’re old enough and smart enough to figure out you can get high from refrigerant, you are old enough to take responsibility for being a dumb-ass and accept your Darwin award. It sucks for the parents, but at some point kids make grownup decisions, and some of them are not good ones.

  40. Stickdude says:

    No lawsuits against the A/C manufacturer for not putting “Do not inhale refrigerant” warning stickers on the unit?

    It’s only a matter of time…

  41. Orv says:

    Yeah, right. Like the kids won’t get the keys. Or find some other non-oxygen-bearing gas to huff. Next thing you know we’ll be having to retrofit all our propane canisters so they can only be changed by Authorized Service Representatives, or something.

  42. wjstone says:

    If the kid wants to get high that badly they’ll find a way. I’m not going to make doing simple things harder so that some dumbass kid doesn’t kill himself by huffing poisonous gas.

    If they wanna die, let ’em.

  43. maruadventurer says:

    I feel for the parents. But really.

    Another entrant in next years Darwin Awards.

  44. javert says:

    See Darwin…

  45. Muddie says:

    To butcher “A Wonderful Life”:
    “Every time a child dies, a parent forms an origination”

    There are many things we need to protect children from. This is not one of them.

    • smo0 says:


      And I don’t think you’re butchering the movie… just urinating on it’s grave… it’s been killed 10 x’s over….

  46. greatgoogly says:

    Hmm, next time a kid tells me that he/she is just “chillin” maybe I should be suspicious…

  47. Preyfar says:

    Uh… maybe these kids weren’t smart in the first place? I’m just saying. This is not the popular train of though, but if the teen is stupid enough to be huffing refrigerant in the first place then fixing the caps isn’t going to solve anything. At all. They’re just going to find another product/chemical/thing that they can huff to give them a high, of which there are many.

    You can get high off the fumes of a Sharpie Magnum (which has an overpowering smell that makes a regular Sharpie seem innocent). It’s dangerous, and even smelling those fumes in a closed office can trigger headaches. But anybody can buy a Sharpie. Hell, there’s tons of products laying around the house that can cause a problem.

    It’s unfortunate that these kids died, but they took a stupid risk and the risk didn’t pay out in their favor. This is not the industry’s problem. Look at the old Pokeman recall in 1999. Burger King distributed 3.5m Pokeballs, a few parents gave the toys to their infants and a few babies suffocated on them. Tis was a terrible incident, but the industry was forced to suffer from the neglect of the parent. It was not the industry’s fault that parents didn’t follow the instructions and gave the toy to infants.

    Forcing AC lock changes will just pass down a huge cost to consumers, but it won’t cure human stupidity.

  48. mbemom says:

    wow…it’s amazing how creative people can be when they want to get high. Imagine if people could put this imaginative resourcefulness to use for good instead of evil…

  49. Schlake says:

    I seriously doubt that huffing refrigerant is a problem. It’s a symptom. Fixing symptoms doesn’t fix the problem.

    • Sparkstalker says:

      What are you talking about? We all know that the meth problem has disappeared now that Sudafed is behind the counter….

  50. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    If this were a problem in my area I would cap my AC just to make sure the rotten kids didn’t steal my Freon! Or if it were cheaper leave glue nearby so they can leave my AC alone. They’re lost at that point anyways.

  51. Nighthawke says:

    As a person that has gone through HVAC service tech education, I can say that there are inhalation hazard warning stickers on each and every refrigerant bottle and cylinder sold. Inhaling or “huffing” various gases has been around for a long time and the abusers “discovering” that they can get high off of inhaling refrigerant gases is not recent. HVAC outside units are being secured more and more due to the copper and aluminum metals that they contain, As for the gases themselves, security locks are becoming available more and more, but it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain those locks as it is their property.

    Since CFC’s and HCFC’s (Freon, a brand name) decomposes in high temperatures into hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, I would not be surprised if someone is severely injured or even killed if they try to inhale gases from an outside unit that has suffered a compressor motor burnout. Hydrochloric acid is in your stomach and is neutralized with water and sodium bicarb (Rolaids, Tums, etc). But hydrofluoric acid eats through most glass and ceramics. The only way to stop the spread is amputate the affected body part. I shiver at the thought of the poor sap that gets the acids into their lungs, they will be dead within hours.

  52. drburk says:

    To pay for this are we going to levee tax on teenagers?Just because parent’s don’t want to think their kid is a screw up doesn’t mean they aren’t.

  53. chefboyardee says:

    As a teen, I was able to (very easily) get into anything I could find that was locked. Locks only keep honest people out.

    In fact, if something was locked, I made it a personal mission to get into it out of spite for it being locked (short of breaking into houses…I’m talking things like my parents’ porn stash, the bathrooms at the local pool, etc)

    This is only going to make it more fun, and more of a reward when they get in.

    Plus, seriously, how hard is it to make a homemade copy of the key? it’s not like it’s going to be high tech.

  54. Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

    It makes sense to redesign AC caps. The modern equivalent of freon is very expensive and it would be terrible if some delinquent stole it. It would be such a waste and a real hassle to get a repair tech to come out in the summer.

  55. dolemite says:

    Ding dong: Who is it? Personal responsibility.

    Let’s redesign billions of dollars of AC equipment so a few potential Darwin award winners stay on the earth?

  56. Bodger says:

    UPROAEPDOIOMTWWAIT: United Parents to Restrict Open Access to Everything Potentially Dangerous Our Idiot Offspring Might Try While We Are Ignoring Them. If somebody wants to get to refrigerant (don’t ask me why they might but apparently they do) a safety cap is not going to make any difference. A small file or hacksaw blade will open a refrigerant line in a couple of seconds. Or do we need locks on all files and hacksaw blades too? Next up: mandatory bank-vault-quality housings on all air conditioning units — prices starting at $1,467,332 for the economy one-room model during the introductory sale.

  57. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    “”Don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t think my child was going to do this. I taught him better and he knows better,” the president of UPROAR said.”

    …apparently, you did not teach him better and he did not know better – and he was an idiot and now he’s dead.

    Stupid people will do stupid things. Unless you want to outlaw stupidity (good luck – we’d have to deport 99% of the population), deal with it.

    Sorry your kid’s dead. Really. But he was fatally stupid. Not somebody else’s fault.

  58. Brunette Bookworm says:

    Huh…I wonder if that’s what happened to the refrigerant in my AC. It was a new AC unit the complex put in last year and this year when I turned it on it didn’t cool. THey had to fill it with refrigerant, didn’t find any leaks, and since then it’s worked fine. Just to keep people from taking the refrigerant from other people’s AC units, costing them money, I say yes, redesign them.

    • dolemite says:

      This used to happen to my wife when she lived in an apartment complex on the bad side of town. Homeless people would go around and huff all the coolant out of the exterior AC units.

    • barty says:

      Track down the kids doing it, then make the parents pay for the recharge and security locks. Problem is these teens get a slap on the wrist when they are caught, but the irresponsible parents never do anything to make the kids change. If you start making it painful to the parent’s pocketbooks, this crap would probably be heavily curtailed.

  59. vortican says:

    Well, this might be better than allowing the government to get involved and requiring it. Let UPROAR pressure the companies and if they are successful, the world won’t end. If they aren’t, the world won’t end. The last thing we want though, is a legislative solution. That’s guaranteed to cost more and stifle innovation. In short, bad things will happen if they start lobbying the government to force equipment manufacturers to make changes. THAT is what we need to avoid, so let them do their thing and it’ll work out.

  60. jcota says:

    yes completely change the AC caps because some dumbass teen died while trying to get some kind of high. Ammonia and bleach are also potentially dangerous so lets ban that too. sorry but like many of the comments here say its Darwinism at work. The kid should have bought some weed like a normal teen trying to get high. Nobody has died from smoking marijuana.

  61. cmdr.sass says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

  62. sufreak says:

    Can we make this easier for them to huff? Lets let natural selection take its course.

  63. guspaz says:

    I understand that inhaling large amounts of water can also cause suffocation and death. Perhaps we should put tamper-proof locks on faucets to prevent teens from huffing water.

  64. Omali says:

    “”Don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t think my child was going to do this. I taught him better and he knows better,” the president of UPROAR said.”

    Maam, I disagree. Obviously he was not that smart.

  65. Battlehork says:

    Being that this is FL, after your refrigerant is huffed out of your system, someone else will come and steal your condenser coils.

  66. wrbwrx says:

    Better than Jenkum?

  67. edicius is an acquired taste says:

    “Don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t think my child was going to do this. I taught him better and he knows better,” the president of UPROAR said.

    Well, obviously he didn’t.

  68. itrek says:

    No don’t change a thing. This is just natures way of thinning out the moron population.

  69. Ishbar says:

    Contrary to belief ignorance is not the prevailing feature in man, but rather, perseverance.

    For example, call one kind of substance illegal, people will find new and potentially more dangerous ways to “get a fix”

    It’s what Moonshiners were to the prohibition–they were the perseverance of man, and sure some people went blind in the starting stages but it was for a good cause.

    If its not compressed gases from Whipped Cream cans then it’s huffing paint thinner, or taking your time when you pump fuel. Freon (that’s what he was inhaling right?) is just another door that opened because all previous ones (be it authoritarian or generation gapped) have been closed.

    I say this kid ditches his loser friends whom presumably showed him how to do this and smokes some pot. I’m not saying that it’s OK one way and not the other, it’s just the lesser of two evils.


    inb4 legalize marijuana

    • Firethorn says:

      Ishbar – the kid is DEAD. He’s not going to be hanging with the ‘friends’ who taught him how(if it wasn’t an internet thing), he’s not going to smoke weed, none of it.

      Still, I’ll agree with the sentiment about banning stuff merely leads to people seeking out a replacment, one that is often more dangerous.

      I think what we should really be doing isn’t banning drugs, but finding safer alternatives. Find a drug that gives a ‘safer’ high, allow it to be legal.

  70. michelsondl says:

    Maybe that mother should take relief in the fact that if her dumba** kid was stupid enough to do that, then he probably wouldn’t have lasted long in life even if she would have prevented the AC huffing stuff. You gotta have a serious lack of brain cells to go huffing shit like that. Jeez, I was the type of kid that tried my share of illicit substances and never did it cross my mind to huff things to get high.

  71. Chooi says:

    Natural Selection?

  72. physics2010 says:

    A proprietary key is near useless. The keys have to be sold to anyone that would be maintaining an A/C system. Even if you were able to restrict the sale to licensed A/C tech’s (I’m sorry John Q Pulbic you can’t top off your A/C cause we are passing a law) the key would still be available. In all likelyhood due to space this is even a normal key, but a security bit. Long of the short these people will find things to huff regardless. And I’m already pissed you MF’ers put bitterant in the compressed air. I’ve accidentally inhaled too close after blowing out a keyboard and that is a b***h of a taste to get out of your mouth.

  73. Wrathernaut says:


    “Don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t think my child was going to do this. I taught him better and he knows better,” the president of UPROAR said.

    Logic fail here… if they had taught him better, he’d be alive. And bonus? He doesn’t “knows better” maybe he KNEW better, but this kid is as past tense as they come.

  74. ghostberry says:

    I think this is an excellent use of her time.

  75. Crazytree says:

    Legalize it, tax it and vote for Ron Paul.

  76. jim says:

    make things idiot proof and the world will make better idiots.

    they should add poison gas to all aerosols, problem solved one way or the other.

    hopefully we can get them before they procreate.

  77. ginnel says:

    Open access to refridgerant? It’s not “open”. It’s my property and your kid is treaspassing.
    You raised an idiot. Not my fault.

  78. JMILLER says:

    I was going to head out to the bar for some drinks tonight, but hell the AC will be a lot cheaper. Thanks UPROAR. I’d also like to thank the PMRC for letting me find cd’s with dirty words in it as a teenager. They are the types who probably point out the slutty girls to their sons and say, they put out for anybody, so don’t date them. We all know teenage boys would never want to go out with that kind of girl

  79. shepd says:

    Should you stop being your wife?

    That’s my answer to any leading question.

  80. ghostberry says:

    Cant help but think if these parents had been in europe their son would have been joining them for a responsible pint or 2 after dinner instead of sucking out of the back of a fridge.

  81. common_sense84 says:

    Why do bad parents always try to get laws passed that ruin life for everyone else? Getting a law passed doesn’t change the fact that they are bad parents. Nor will it stop real junkies from getting their high.

  82. framitz says:

    Instead of making some special cap mandatory which will not have the desired effect, simply add an agent to the refrigerant so that it is so nasty nobody will want to inhale it.

    Add something like the stuff added to natural gas or something even nastier. THAT will discourage all but the most determined huffers.

  83. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    Teenagers know better and do stupid crap anyway. It’s quite sad, but why should A/C companies have to bare the responsibility and costs of redesigning caps because of the choices of drug addicts? If it’s not a/c refrigerant, they’ll find something else. I just can’t believe that someone has actually formed a group over this. It almost sounds like something from “The Onion.”

    • RayanneGraff says:

      There are a LOT of news stories nowadays that sound like they could be right out of the Onion :/

      The human race is devolving, no doubt in my mind about that.

  84. Droford says:

    The obvious solution is to ban refrigerants and make everyone sweat to death. Bam! No more refrigerant inhaling related deaths!

  85. yankinwaoz says:

    What if you just cake the nossel in dog poop? Wouldn’t that make them think twice before putting their lips around it?

    • Xin says:

      With how desperate junkies get? I highly doubt they would care. A little salmonella (and whatever else breeds in poop) it high on their priority list

  86. evnmorlo says:

    This is why there should be adult-supervised orgies with alcoholic refreshments for teens.

  87. borgia says:

    I had a ford ranger. It was the style with non-locking gas caps but an anti-siphon valve. This “prevented” people from stealing gas. Long story short. Someone cut the actual gas line and drained the gas. This cost 500 dollars to fix plus the tow. I would rather take the 24 dollar risk with my gas. This is the same for my AC. Some times it is cheaper for someone to easily steal something than destroy your property. If there was a keyed valve it is still easy to cut a line and that would cost me far more than just filling the AC.

  88. Joe Gamer says:

    Sounds like natural selection to me, not worth wasting time and energy to change.

  89. PoliticalRantHiddenInAnAwfulIdea says:

    I have been championing this cause for close to a decade. Having grown up in Central Florida, I have witnessed the terror that air conditioning reeks on humanity. I have personally sent countless letters to Tallahassee demanding that air conditioning be made illegal in the state. It’s bad enough that people can get “high” on anything, especially refrigerant. I know that once my voice is heard, I can finally have that threesome with Michele Bachmann and Nancy Pelosi.

  90. borgia says:

    I had a ford ranger. It had a non-locking gas cap but had an anti-siphon valve inside. Long story short, to steal my gas, someone cut the gas line on my car. This cost about 500 dollars plus tow plus new gas. I would have preffered to just refill my gas. This locking key is much the same. It will not stop people. They will just cut the line somewhere on the unit and now you will have to repair and refill the AC rather than just refill it.

  91. Ed says:

    This is a little like sweeping sunshine off of your porch. There are literally thousands of readily available household materials that can be inhaled by children seeking a cheap high.

    Even if everyone locked his or her AC, that just leaves 999 more places that the kid has left. You haven’t stopped them or even seriously inconvenienced them. So, they just sniff gas from the lawnmower.

    You can’t make the world safe for the stupid, so you might want to consider teaching the kids how to not kill themselves.

  92. ngwoo says:

    Wow, she called her organization UPROAR. I’m going to start a sister organization called BITCHYSOCCERMOM.

  93. biggeek says:

    I have to wonder if there’s an actual active ingredient in the A/C refrigerant that’s attracting these kids or if it’s just something akin to asphyxia intoxication?

  94. ellemdee says:

    Good luck building a better mousetrap. These people underestimate teenagers if they think for one second that a redesigned cap will keep them from getting to the refirgerant if they really want it. This would be an obstacle, not a barrier. Kids are smart enough to figure out ways around obstacles and junkies are desperate enough to do whatever it takes to get what they want.

    On a related note, it’s because of stuff like this that I can no longer get Pseudophedrine in Day Quil or buy OTC sinus medicine if the pharmacy’s closed.

  95. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    If not AC refrigerant, than surely it would have been one of the other 10,000 toxic chemicals freely available that aren’t sealed in a bank-vault.

  96. MaliBoo Radley says:

    This just goes to show that people will do anything to get high. I new a guy in High School who would spray Lemon Pledge on oregano, dry it, then smoke it. Never will I understand this kind of behavior. Guess it’s just how people are …

  97. FidFed says:

    Best idea for population control, You cant save these morons, just leave small cans of refrigerants out, just like you do for rats and cock roaches.

  98. PAZ002 says:

    Dear God, Please hit the reset button on the world. Humanity needs to start over again.

  99. tundey says:

    This is one of those situations that’s just sad. Sad as it is though, I think this group is just a collection of parents in denial. If your teen thinks messing around with A/C units and huffing the refrigerant is a good idea, your problems are larger than a tamper-proof cap can solve.

  100. tundey says:

    I wonder whether the parents would have pursued legal actions if the kid had died from inhaling from a company’s A/C unit?

  101. DoktorGoku says:

    “I thought him better and he knows better.”

    …apparently not…

  102. Donkey Hoti says:

    Should every single tragedy that ever happens everywhere to everyone be a reason to make the rest of our lives more burdensome and expensive?


    “But won’t someone PLEASE think of the CHILDREN!!!?”

  103. Firevine says:

    No. Let people suffer the consequences of their stupid actions. I am tired of laws that are just there to baby people and hold their hand through life.

  104. FrankReality says:

    It’s impossible to make things foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

    Absolutely not. You cannot protect everyone from themselves and it’s a waste to try. While it’s a good thing to make reasonable voluntary attempts to prevent accidents, you cannot prevent deliberate misuse such as this, nor do I believe you should try.

    If I were King, I would decree that if a user injured himself attempting to use a product in any way other than its intended way, he cannot sue the manufacturer or seller of such product. I’d call it the Darwin clause. There’d be a whole lot of personal injury lawyers looking for work.

  105. RayanneGraff says:

    *sigh* More proof that Idiocracy was not a movie, but a documentary of things to come. Why do we keep trying to outsmart Darwin??? There is a REASON that stupid people do stupid things!

  106. MrAP says:

    “…and he knows better.” Well, uh…obviously not. Just sayin’.

  107. soj4life says:

    let Darwin win.

  108. EyeintheLAsky says:

    i agree with EarthAngel – if parents can’t teach their kids the dangers of ‘huffing’, then maybe they shouldn’t have kids.

    Besides, if teens really want to kill themselves through stupidity, we really need the parking.

  109. Michaela says:

    I am really getting tired of parents trying to say they know the “fads” of teen drug use. One look at the CDC website shows that only about 1.4% of teens use the stuff.

    Sadly, the creator of UPROAR also seems to think that teens are always using drugs (as if it is the norm). Again, she really needs to actually look at some statistics.

    It is sad that someone so devoted to helping teens is actually so out of touch with their actual habits.

  110. Sian says:

    did he died?

  111. Bob says:

    “Should AC Caps Be Redesigned So Teens Stop Huffing The Refrigerant And Dying?”

    OMGBBQWTF!!!! Yes!!!! Right now!!!!!! This requires action NOW! We must do something that is a half-baked idea because we don’t have time to think!

    We need to make a new cap that cost over $20,000 and have lots of moving leaking parts. It also must be too difficult for anyone to install except for specially trained professionals or teenagers. Also it should be so complicated in its design that it cannot be replaced and will likely start leaking ozone destroying freon after installation. Then replace the coolant with Ammonia so teenagers will stop huffing it. After thousands of people are poisoned every year by leaking Ammonia from those new caps we will declare victory.

    Yes, I seen this happen too many times.

  112. Emerson7 says:


  113. docwhat says:

    Oh, I blame them for their son dying.

    It sounds like they taught them “don’t do drugs” not the skills necessary for the kid to figure out what’s stupid and what isn’t.

    Teaching “doing x is bad” is a horrible way to teach.

    Instead, teach the kid how to think critically. It wouldn’t have taken much to figure that out displacing the air in your lungs with anything is a bad idea. It’s not like it was a spur of the moment thing… “Huh? Hey, an AC…I’ll unscrew this little hard to find cap and suck on it!”

    Of course, we don’t know much about this. If a handful of kids die a year from it in all of the US, who cares. More die tripping on the sidewalk.

  114. Conformist138 says:

    Thank you, UPROAR, until this moment I had no idea my AC could get me high. Good thing I’m a stoner risking jail for my habit of choice, at least it won’t kill me mid-puff.

  115. Andrew360 says:

    Let the stupid bastards die. If not refrigerant it’ll be something else.

  116. Darwin says:


    Natural selection working as intended.

  117. botulismo says:

    Oh, I see, so after making every drug illegal, people still find a way to get high. Seems like the human need to alter consciousness is nearly universal. This is what you get when you restrict access to clean, quality, pharmaceutical-quality drugs. You can ban everything and people will still find new ways to get high. Better the devil you know.