Don't Do These Things If You Want To Save Dough

Tips on how to save money are well and good, but advice on what not to do is at least as valuable. Time’s It’s Your Money blog takes the negative approach to keep you from making financial mistakes.

Among the advice from the post:

*Don’t borrow to pay for luxuries. You’ll only sink yourself deeper into dept and reinforce destructive behavior.

*Don’t haggle when there’s little to be gained. You’re wasting your time unless you give the seller a valid reason to bargain.

*Don’t overprice a home you’re trying to sell. You’ll get whatever the market will provide and a too-high price will only scare off customers.

*Don’t pay medical bills before asking for a discount. Earlier this week we talked about an easy way to slash 25 percent off medical bills. Citing comments on the post, the Time post says you can negotiate as much as 50 percent off.

Click the source link for the rest of the tips.

What do you NOT do in order to save money?

Want to Keep More of Your Money? Here’s What Not to Do [Time]

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