4 Things You Should Rent Rather Than Buy

Budgets Are Sexy argues that people throw their money away on many items they’d normally buy without a thought. Here are four “buys” that you should should highly consider switching to “rents.”

The blog’s suggestions are in bold, with my two cents following each:

*Tools. Do you really need a chainsaw constantly on standby? Unless your last name is Voorhees, probably not.

*Evening gowns/prom dresses. If you can’t wear it to Target it doesn’t belong in your closet.

*Textbooks. You’ll use them for four months, max. And by “use” I mean “leave under your bed all semester then frantically flip through the night before the final.”

*Coffins. Put on the dog and pony show with something classy at the wake if you must, then downgrade when it’s time for the dirt nap.

Blu-rays and DVDs also definitely belong on this list, in the age of on demand, Netflix and web browser streaming.

What stuff do you think is better off rented than bought?

Rent vs. Buy: Tools, Textbooks, Caskets? [Budgets Are Sexy]

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