Woman Watches As Dell Tech Support Swipes Nude Pics From Her PC

UPDATE: Dell has responded to the customer’s story.

So it looks like it’s not only Geek Squad staffers that scour customers’ computers for free porn. A woman in California has recently gone public with claims that she not only watched as a Dell tech support worker downloaded nude pics of her remotely, but that he also set up a website featuring the photos. Oh, and he used her Dell credit card to buy stuff for another woman.

The woman called Dell support after some “personal pictures” she’d stored on her new Dell PC appeared to have disappeared from her hard drive. “I couldn’t find them on my computer and that made me nervous,” she said.

She was connected to a Dell tech in Mumbai, India, who asked if he could access her computer remotely, which she agreed to. “I trusted him,” she explained. “I trusted him because he was a Dell technician and I don’t like the cyberworld, you’re so vulnerable.”

But that’s when, she alleges, she watched as the Dell employee not only found the photos, but downloaded them onto his own computer. Says the woman, “I’m totally convinced. I watched him take the pictures out of my e-mail. I watched him.”

Not long after her call with Dell, those same photos popped up online.

At this point, you’d think she would have gotten a lawyer involved, but the woman continued to communicate with the Dell tech. In a head-scratcher of a twist, he talked her into shipping him a new Dell laptop so he could “work on her case” from home.

Says the woman:

And I’m telling myself, my conscience is talking to me saying, ‘Tara, don’t send this. What are you doing? Are you crazy?’ I sent it anyways because I really believed in this guy. I really had faith that he was protecting my dignity.

But wait — it gets stranger.

Apparently, the California customer wasn’t the only woman the Dell dude was chatting with online. In fact, on Valentine’s Day he admitted to having fallen in love with a customer from Tennessee.

And he he must have been so blinded by his love that he used the California woman’s Dell credit card to order $800 in Dell computer gear for the his Tennessee sweetheart.

The tech admitted the thievery in an e-mail from his official Dell account. “You’re my true friend,” he wrote. “I am sorry accidentally I charged your Dell account but I will pay. I don’t want to lose my job. It was a mistake which happened with me.”

According to the woman, Dell has been unresponsive to her complaints. They also did not reply to a request for comment from the ABC affiliate that first aired the story.

The woman says she has contacted an attorney and is considering legal action against Dell.

Woman’s nude photos exposed by tech support [ABC7]


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  1. benson304 says:

    Ths wmn s s dmb tht sh dsrvs wht hppnd. Hl crp.

    • AstroPig7 says:

      Yes, she was so dumb that she called technical support, who downloaded her nude photos without any further intervention from her. Mailing him the laptop was a bad idea, but the nude photos were swiped beforehand.

      • tbax929 says:

        I think the dumb thing she did was that she “continued to trust him”. Why????

        • digital0verdose says:

          How else would she get a chance to sue a company like Dell? All it cost her was a nude photo.

      • chefboyardee says:

        Actually, she was dumb. She WATCHED him taking the pictures and did nothing to stop it. Hello, pulling the plug on the computer if you’re not smart enough to stop them software wise.

        She gave the technician permission to access her computer remotely and watched as he found the pictures and downloaded them.

        “Oh yeah, I’m totally convinced. I watched him take the pictures out of my e-mail. I watched him,” said Fitzgerald.

        I know if I was sitting in front of my machine, and saw a remote tech pulling naked pictures of me and setting up a webpage. I wouldn’t sit there watching saying durr, ahurr. I’d pull the damn network cable.

        • Talisker says:

          If the person is so oblivious to how to use a computer that she can’t find some files then she probably doesn’t know how the computer connects to the internet.

          • chefboyardee says:

            Does she know how it connects to electricity? Because pulling a power cord is a piece of cake.

            • myCatCracksMeUp says:

              Well, I think it was a laptop, which would normally stay on after it was unplugged, but a few seconds of holding the power button would do the job.

            • coren says:

              Given the circumstances, she probably would think that would break the computer

            • Jack Doe says:

              Indeed, there are people who are too dumb to understand this. Check out customerssuck.com if you want a load of examples.

            • jiubreyn says:

              I don’t think the issue is knowing how to unplug the computer from the internet, rather that she didn’t know that unplugging the computer would stop the transfer. Either way, she should’ve contacted Dell immediately rather than sending him a computer. There is no logic in spending hundreds of dollars for technical support. It sounds like she’s not giving the full story.

      • benson304 says:

        She was WATCHING it happen. Anyone with a brain would have said “Wait this doesn’t look right” and disconnected. And then she proceeded to send the computer to him AFTER she saw him steal the pictures? Come on.

      • benson304 says:

        Also…”I’m totally convinced. I watched him take the pictures out of my e-mail. I watched him.”

        Why did she just let him go into her email in the first place? Oh right because she “trusted” him.

      • Griking says:

        Oh come on. Who in their right mind calls Dell to have them help find naked pictures of themself?

      • AstroPig7 says:

        After further information was provided by Reddit readers, I no longer believe this woman’s claims, but I still stand by my original statement based on the article as presented. Being stupid isn’t necessarily a crime, no matter how much we’d like it to be.

    • pop top says:

      No one deserves to have their private pictures posted online without their consent, no matter how dumb they are.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Apparently a lot of people on this forum forget that there are those totally oblivious to how computers work. They use them because they have to – you can’t avoid them anymore.

      Just as there are those oblivious to how cars work. Or jet engines. Or politics. Or the tax system.

      We’re not all subject-matter experts on everything, which is why we rely on individual experts to help us. And sadly, that is most often – when we are vulnerable – that unscupulous people take advantage of us.

    • odarkshineo says:

      I agree…the idea that the use of technology is a right and not a privilege is absurd. People have no idea what they are doing…talk to any apple fanboy…it’s insane.

      • cardigan says:

        Um … what exactly does that “Apple fanboy” remark mean?

      • BobOki says:

        Hi, I am an “apple fanboy” (computers only, their mobile section can burn) and I would like to test your pc knowledge over my own. I am currently a Systems Engineer of over 20 years working as a consultant for many local and national companies. We currently do many virtual setups (we prefer VMWare) for these companies, building their network infrastructure (yay cisco) and deploying their SANs (woo emc), deploying their servers, printers, workstations, even phone systems(hooray digium), connecting remote offices, setting up multiple backups with data deduplication as well as full vm backups, wireless or optical setups, fiber optics, creating remote office solutions, citrix farms, web hosting, etcetc the list goes on and on.
        Nearly every tech (those above Best Buy geek squad lvl anyway) I know in my field vastly prefers Mac machines since osx 10.2, prefers working on them, perfers using them, and prefers administering them. The ease of use of a functional and powerful gui with incredible powerful macro system as well as a full bsd command line has been the best of all worlds for us.
        I am pretty confident that your entire comment was out the side of your face, completely spoken as a generalization from an overzealous windows fanboy who might know how to do minor system maintenance and maybe even custom build a box and thus feel superior in your very limited knowledge as such enough to where you feel you can make such bold and brazen comments, but I guarantee you that anyone that actually knows what they are talking about would never make such a ridiculous comment. While I am sure each camp has more than it’s fair share of “low end users” only someone who truly have no clue what they are saying would be ignorant enough to limit themselves to a single technology, much less do so while decrying what is likely a equal if not superior product by stereotypes alone.
        I challenge you to defend your statement logically and with a sure show of your professional knowledge and experience in the pc field on any front.

    • craptastico says:

      so i guess a mechanic has the right to charge you for whatever he wants if he’s fixing your car? if you don’t know how to fix it yourself you deserve for him to charge you $3k to replace your Johnson Rod

    • Enduro says:

      I think she’s an exhibitionist who happens to be dumb.

      There’s a small character from the first episode of the new Louis C.K. show. He’s in the hallway of an apartment waiting for his date and the elderly woman next door peaks from behind her door and says “keep it down, can’t you see I’m naked?!”. And she keeps saying that until he says “hey, I know you’re going to show me so let’s get it over with.” She exposes herself to him, pauses, and then calls him a pig.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      Disemvoweling is sure going to take a bit of work considering 90% of the comments to this post are negative.

    • The Marionette says:

      I know some people aren’t exactly computer literate, but she could’ve easily done a search from the start menu for the pics, although it doesn’t say anywhere in the article that she did or didn’t but considering the track record for some people I highly doubt she did. Regardless the tech could’ve just told her how to search for them and would’ve found them easily. I also like how if consumerist gets a little butt-hurt over a comment they decide to alter it, but I guess that’s what floats their boat. *awaits the childish inevitable*

      • Difdi says:

        Sending a computer tech a free laptop, at her own expense, so he can work from home? Her problem isn’t a lack of computer literacy, her problem is a lack of life literacy.

  2. Silent128 says:

    What’s the website? lol

    • PanCake BuTT says:

      So I don’t visit it ! Ouch

    • pantheonoutcast says:


    • UltimateOutsider says:

      From another article about this story: ‘Sixteen nude and semi-nude photographs later turned up on a vulgar website called “bitchtara,” with Riyaz claiming ownership of the site.’

    • craptastico says:

      i read another article on this, and apparently this lady has a job as a web whore. i don’t mean that to be derogatory, but she actually gets naked on a website for money (and it advertises that she’ll use “toys” on her self). anyone who does that should have enough web expertise to lead me to believe it’s nothing more than a scam.

  3. TechnicallySpeaking says:

    You reap now what you sowed by being stupid.

    Next time, don’t act like a moron.

  4. obits3 says:

    I would have unplugged the ethernet cable as soon as I saw the tech doing something like taking my data.

    • LatinoGeek says:

      If you’re knowledgeable of what an Ethernet cable is and know to unplug it to stop someone from remotely accessing your computer, then, chances are you don’t need technical support from dell..

      • chefboyardee says:

        Fine. Power cord. EVERYONE knows what they are.

        • rbb says:

          Pulling the power cord on a laptop won’t do anything – it will just switch over to the battery and continue humming along…

          • SamTheGeek says:

            The computer is clearly a desktop.
            In fact, I can identify it as the same model sitting next to me.
            Yes, it’s a Dell. It’s a few-year-old dimension model

        • Pax says:

          No, sadly, they don’t.

      • katstermonster says:

        I worked tech support at a university of 4 years. I can’t recall a single person who didn’t know what an ethernet cable was or what it did….made their internet go vroom. They still needed tech support.

      • PsiCop says:

        Knowing what an Ethernet cable is, and that it’s the computer’s link to the Internet, does not mean someone might not still need tech support for something. I work in IT, I have for years, and have had occasion to call some company’s tech support to deal with a problem with one of their products. I definitely know what an Ethernet cable is and what it’s for, and if someone were sniffing around in my computer while supposedly helping me with a problem, I’d know enough to unplug it, but that doesn’t mean I’d never have reason to have a tech support person working on my computer someday.

        That said, this whole story still sounds fishy to me.

    • Yorick says:

      you assume it’s cabled and not being used wirelessly.

  5. grucifer says:

    Something sounds fishy here.

  6. demona667 says:

    Why oh why do people still insist on taking and keeping digital dirty pics of themselves?

    It almost always ends in tears.

    Just stupid.

    • FatLynn says:

      Not if you know something about computer security. Taking digital photos is probably still safer than handing them off to the photo counter at Walmart.

      • demona667 says:

        Don’t take ’em is really my point. If they don’t exist, they can’t come back to eff you.

        • FatLynn says:

          Eh, I think it’s harmless. If an ex-boyfriend sends a topless photo of me to my friends or family, it would be embarrassing, but they’d get over it pretty quickly.

          • demona667 says:

            And would you still be so blasé had they been sent to your employer? Better still, a potential employer?

            • Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

              Depends on what job I’m trying to get and how badly I would want it.

          • Englishee Teacher says:

            I found a pic online of one of my exes wearing thigh-high stockings and a blond wig, nothing else. Imagine what would happen if I sent that link to his mother?

        • veritybrown says:

          This! Dirty pictures of yourself can so easily come back to haunt you. Of course, people do a lot of other really stupid things related to sex that can come back to haunt them later. But at least most of those can’t be put on display for the world to see.

    • bastion72 says:

      Do you know how hard it is to get film pics developed you yourself in compromising positions and various states of undress? Trust me, the look of the Costco photo monkey is proof enough that digital is better.

      • fantomesq says:

        I had friends who developed traditional photos and now digital photos who would ‘accidentally’ press the print button twice when they came across an interesting photo… that extra would then have to be ‘disposed’ of.

  7. Skellbasher says:

    If she didn’t start raising hell the second she watched the guy taking her data without her permission (titty pics or not) , then I don’t believe a word of her story.

    Clearly the first logical step when your privacy is invaded is to send the perpetrator a new computer.

    There’s more going on here.

    • FatLynn says:

      Yes, I think this guy seduced her over the phone from India.

      • heltoupee says:

        And now they’re both trying to get rich by suing Dell, and “going public” for extra leverage. Dell is thinking “$500,000 settlement vs. $?????? in PR and image rebuilding”.

      • Darrone says:

        I would like to be taking you from the behind.

        Not as sexy in India CSR speak.

    • Cicadymn says:

      The instant and correct answer: “I see him taking my nude pics without my permission! Oh no what will I d- wait…this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I’m gonna get paiii~d. I’m gonna get paiii~d. I’m gonna get paiii~d. I’m gonna get paiii~d.”

      She then proceeds to cave into his ludicrous demands to hopefully increase her payday.

    • mandy_Reeves says:

      why in blue hell would she let him in her email???? missing pics or not…no one but ME or my husband can access my email.

  8. womynist says:

    Just another reason NOT to store nude pics of yourself on your computer.

  9. madfrog says:

    Ok, the guy was wrong and everything, but why put your nude pictures on your computer? Poloriods are the best, wait, do they still make that?

  10. mythago says:

    And here we go with the inevitable comments by people who are so frightened of harm, so desperate to believe that if only they are clever and careful nothing bad will ever happen to them, that they will excuse any kind of execrable behavior as long as they can blame the victim.

    Since this is a Consumerist article, the important point here is that Dell has been completely unresponsive to this.

    • tbax929 says:

      I think you would concede that most people would not have sent the damn computer to him!

      But you’re correct. Dell definitely should have done something about it.

    • slyabney says:

      Well, that’s what the woman claims Dell has been doing. Maybe they are investigating it and haven’t had enough to give her an update. Maybe she doesn’t like how long it’s taking, maybe they really haven’t done anything. We don’t even know how long it took her to make a complaint against Dell or how long it has been since her complaint.

      And two, if someone is now thinking about or going to pursue legal action, I wouldn’t update her either. Her lawyer can request the information but that’s me.

    • heltoupee says:

      Dell has been completely unresponsive because this is an obvious con job. I’ll give very good odds that these 2 were in it together, and trying to bring a frivolous lawsuit against Dell. Dell’s probably doing the smart thing, getting ready to help charge the tech with credit card fraud. This lady doesn’t have the, ahem, technical acumen to convince a judge that Dell was in the wrong here. Problem goes away.

      • mythago says:

        So if you complain to a company, and the company believes you pulled a con job, the proper response is to completely ignore you?

        This isn’t about whether her story makes sense. Customer complains that a CS rep for Dell did something inappropriate; Dell is doing squat-all.

    • TechnicallySpeaking says:

      I think the website you are looking for is http://www.apologist.com This is http://www.consumerist.com Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      They’re unresponsive because she’s a moron. She shipped him a laptop? She shipped him a laptop.

      Seriously. She bought a laptop for the guy who allegedly stole her nudie pictures. What is Dell going to say that hasn’t already been said?

      • mythago says:

        A customer is claiming that she called a Dell CS rep to fix something with her computer, and the rep scammed pictures off her computer for his own use. “She’s a moron” is irrelevant to whether Dell should be investigating this.

        • pantheonoutcast says:

          Come on, you’re a lawyer (or you play one on TV) – you know very well that Dell can’t show their hand in this situation since it smells so much like a scam. Dell is under no obligation to reveal their legal strategy to her or anyone else. If you were Dell, would you believe anyone who said, “And yeah, then I bought him the laptop after he allegedly downloaded naked pictures of me. Because it was the right thing to do”? They investigated the credit card fraud incident, and dealt with it. Let her sue and prove her case.

  11. NarcolepticGirl says:

    First: ” “I trusted him because he was a Dell technician and I don’t like the cyberworld, you’re so vulnerable.”

    Second: There are way too many details missing from this. This lady called Dell support because she was missing pictures in the first place? And apparently they were in her E-Mail? And he “downloaded” them? What?
    How did she find this website? Were they able to confirm who set up the website?

    I’m confused but am in no way saying this didn’t happen.

    • slyabney says:

      Great minds think alike! I had many of the same questions too. There’s so much going on here without any clear picture.

    • ShockTerminal says:

      Many holes.

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      Exactly. She keeps a constant, vigilant watch over the entire internet for websites that might post naked pictures of her?

      Also, “Oh yeah, I’m totally convinced. I watched him take the pictures out of my e-mail. I watched him,” said Fitzgerald.”

      Really? How exactly did she do that? If I have the password to your email account, you can’t *see* me doing anything. And don’t tell me “Maybe she uses Microsoft Outlook with blah blah blah…” No, she doesn’t. A person who can’t run a simple file search on her computer didn’t set up Outlook or Thunderbird or anything else with mail server settings, etc. She’s an idiot. She’s got “AOL User” written all over her. Also, “Scam Artist.”

      • NarcolepticGirl says:

        Good point. I didn’t think about the tech needing the password

      • captainfrizo says:

        To be fair, lots of computer illiterate folks use Outlook. I used to help set up the program with them over the phone during my days at Comcast. It was a God-awful experience and took forever, but it can be done. Sadly.

        That said, I imagine Dell records each and every remote session they do just in case something like this pops up. They’ll get to the bottom of this fairly quickly once they learn when exactly this call and the stealing of the nude pics allegedly took place.

  12. slyabney says:

    Wait…so were these pictures ever on her hard drive? She said she watched them take them right out of her e-mail, not off of her hard drive.

    Also…why did she keep talking to him? How did she find the photos on-line so easily? How did he get her credit card number in the first place? What more was wrong that she thought it was reasonable that he needed to work on it from home?

    I would assume (I know right?) or hope that 1st level techs don’t have access to that sort of information.

    This story is just so mind boggling that I’ve clearly not had enough caffiene yet to deal with this.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      I’m guessing she is clueless about computers and explained the whole thing incorrectly.
      I don’t understand it, either.

    • Guppy06 says:

      1.) Where do you think email resides after you download it from from a POP3 server? IMAP still hasn’t caught on like it should.

      2.) Probably because she paid him for support. “My monitor is missing the color blue” is technical support and covered by the warranty. “I can’t find a file” is usage support and charged by the minute.

      • slyabney says:

        1. I would assume that if she couldn’t find the pictures in the first place, she would have had to literally see him in her e-mail to say “he took them from my e-mail” implying that she opened IE and logged into her e-mail to get it. She didn’t say, well he got into my folders and downloaded them, she said got into her e-mail and given rest of the story, I’ll take that as her actual e-mail.

        2. This could be true, or she could have paid for some warranty services that would include tech calls for a year/6 months/whatever and thereby not needed her credit card number. The story is also unclear on this.

  13. sirwired says:

    Either this woman is the stupidest consumer on the planet, and/or she is delusional and/or there is something entirely different going on here…

    After watching the tech download nude pictures from her hard drive, and after he posts them on “a website” (how would she know?), she then mails him a new laptop to India? And gives him her credit card number? Huh what?!?! Exactly what kind of tech support was she hoping he would provide?

  14. Nighthawke says:

    Fecking contractors. Dell really needs to police their contractors a LITTLE better. But the woman KNEW that the tech would be lurking around on her system, so why didn’t she secure her stuff a little better?

    • slyabney says:

      The problem is she wanted him to help her find these pictures.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      Well, apparently.. she called them because she couldn’t find her nude photos missing from her e-mail.

      I guess. Very strange.

  15. madtube says:

    I am sorry, but the amount of ignorance and stupidity is staggering. If you have “personal pictures”, never ever allow someone control of your computer. Especially if that was the nature of your service call. I am trying very hard to feel sympathy for the OP, really, I am. The sad thing is I really cannot. Yes, the creepy tech guy was in the wrong for many things. But she was just asking for trouble. Wow.

  16. tinyhands says:

    Another case where idiot tax would have paid down the nation debt.

  17. Griking says:

    Who in their right mind calls Dell (or any for that matter) tech support to help find your lost naked pictures of yourself?

  18. Scurvythepirate says:

    I hope that Dell technician had some eye bleach… Just saying…

  19. ap0 says:

    Wow, this woman seems completely insane AND idiotic.

  20. Geekybiker says:

    I keep leaving my pics on the desktop, but the techs never want them. :(

  21. pot_roast says:

    Dell has responded, actually..


    “”We contacted the vendor about the allegation and can confirm that the representative no longer handles Dell calls. We’ve been in contact with Ms. Fitzgerald regarding this issue and continue to investigate her claims to best assist in a resolution.””

    Read the comments, though. It seems really fishy… there are a lot of unanswered questions. She has her own smutty webcam channel too. I smell gold digger looking for cash.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      ah, nice find.

      “According to what the folks at reddit.com found, she’s not only familiar with posing nude online (she has her own live webcam channel), but also this particular service technician. I mean, I can’t say I’ve ever befriended a customer service rep on Facebook”

  22. CookiePuss says:

    How in the hell did she just stumble onto a site with her nude pictures shortly after seeing them stolen from her computer!? The odds of that are pretty slim, especially if its some dinky blog the Dell dude just made.

    Plus it wasn’t some random Dell tech. They were calling each other sexy and she was going on the web cam for him. I bet if you scoured her computer you’d find some video with her involving a cucumber video chatting with tech support. This story is all kinds of weird.

  23. htowninsomniac says:

    Wait. She bought him a computer? What?

  24. Zernhelt says:

    The weirdest part is that it sounds like this woman talked to the tech guy several times. Meaning she had his email address (or IM name).

    If the guy took the pictures, she wouldn’t have discovered the website until days later (at the very least it would have been after the support call ended). So to talk to the guy again she would have to go back and get his contact info. I never remember the names of tech guys I talk to, and unless Dell sends oyu that information after the fact, I doubt this is real. It might be a scam.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      Apparently she is firends with him on Facebook

      “”According to what the folks at reddit.com found, she’s not only familiar with posing nude online (she has her own live webcam channel), but also this particular service technician. I mean, I can’t say I’ve ever befriended a customer service rep on Facebook””

  25. kylere1 says:

    I have no other option than to blame the OP if I comment, so I will not

  26. exoxe says:

    Well, what’s the website?

  27. Hoss says:

    This makes me wonder what kinds of scams this nut has fallen for over the years. I hope her daughter gets out of the house before she becomes insane too

  28. fantomesq says:

    SO many things in this story do not ring true… How the hell did she locate her photos online, for instance. Sounds like she can’t navigate her email, let alone the web. Sounds sensationalized at best and completely fabricated at worst.

  29. MrsLopsided says:

    …Not long after her call with Dell, those same photos popped up online…

    How did she find these photos so quickly? Where were they posted?

  30. MrEvil says:

    This story seems incredibly fishy to me. First of all, the Dell remote support software doesn’t permit file transfer. If the remote tech needs a file on the machine he downloads it using the remote computer’s browser.

    Also, it’s not like the guy is magically going to know those are nudie pics until he opened them unless you named the pictures “Self_nudes(x).jpg” (In which case it’s a great time to download good ‘ol Goatse.cx and rename it to prank would be snoops.).

    Makes me glad that I work in corporate IT now. If I find porn or nude photos on your company machine you’re in much bigger trouble for having them on your system than I am for digging in to find them.

  31. al says:

    Nigerian princes are lining up to meet this idiot.

  32. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Sounds like they had some little flirty thang going on and she found out about Miss Tennessee and got mad.

  33. 1hqtiny says:

    Theres to much being left out of the equation. Something smells very fishy, and I’m not looking to point the blame at Dell so quickly.

  34. rc251 says:

    According to this post on Reddit, it was discovered that she was Facebook friends with the tech, and also had some “interesting” pictures and videos on Myspace as well:


    There’s probably a lot more to this story…

  35. Red Cat Linux says:

    Uhhhh. WTF?

    Are people really this stoned? Let’s start with calling tech support so some random guy can find my nude pics on my computer for me and go from there….

  36. scorpionamongus says:

    Sounds like a woman scorned to me. She met a guy online, sent him naughty pictures and when he dumped her for someone else, she screamed that she’d been violated.

  37. johnrhoward says:

    This story doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

  38. kyle4 says:

    I believed in this woman’s sanity until she sent him a computer. After that I surmised she’s just a moron which is why she got scammed so badly. It wouldn’t be surprising if she also believes she can become a Nigerian Millionaire too.

  39. GrymOne says:

    Proof that “The Stupid” does hurt!

  40. Pax says:

    Stupid is, as stupid does.

    Doesn’t excuse the tech, mind.

  41. JasonR says:

    Sorry to be crude, but TTIWWP.

  42. skapig says:

    Pretty sure you can easily take control of your system and stop the sharing session, if I recall correctly. Worst case you can pull out your connection. How someone could just sit there and watch is beyond me.

  43. backinpgh says:

    Do you have her email address? I need to contact her about some dead royal relatives in Nigeria…

    • moorie679 says:

      Is this prince in exile and needs money to unfreeze his assets of bi-gillion dollars to free his people from oppression? if yes then I am in….always wanted to be a part of the revolution.

  44. quirkyrachel says:

    Ok, yes the Dell tech shouldn’t be doing this, but seriously?! There needs to be a ‘stupid consumer’ tag for Consumerist.

  45. moorie679 says:

    You know Dell is eventually going to get slapped with child pornography as soon as one of these CSRs starts downloading/uploading “sexting” images of some kid.

    Hello I am Chris Hansen…..why dont you have a seat over there Mr. Dell.

  46. y2julio says:

    If they were in her email, how did she not know where they were?

  47. sanjaysrik says:

    The original article this was based on was completely biased and utterly unresearched. Apparently taking a “victim’s” word for every thing that she says happened is the only way a story should be written.

    This woman leaves a lot to be desired in terms of credibility.

  48. ARPRINCE says:

    lol….She’s NUTS and maybe a spurned lover! The Indian tech is dumb but sad to say, she’s dumber!

  49. CapitalC says:

    I love the fact she wasn’t savvy enough to find the photos yet she was able to figure out that the Dell tech was somehow transferring photos from her machine to his.

  50. TheFingerOfGod says:

    Something in my gut is telling me that this is not right. I am not saying that I don’t believe her BUT for some reason I don’t trust her. I wouldn’t jump the gun if I were Dell; I would do a thorough investigation!

  51. DowneMixedBoi says:

    Did you really send a laptop? LOL. WOW

  52. kutsuwamushi says:

    I don’t understand. She called about those same pictures being missing, right? If that’s the case, then the tech had good reason to access them. Not to save them for his personal use–so how could she tell he was doing so? And how did she know that he uploaded them to a website? This woman seems fairly ignorant about computers, and could have easily misinterpreted what she saw. On the other hand, if she’s correct and telling the truth, it’s valuable information for customers.

    I really wish that journalists would be less… awful… when it comes to stories like this. Ask some questions!

  53. calchip says:

    Something about this story sounds INCREDIBLY fishy.

    First, with something like 10000000000 adult websites (and tons more sites with nakey pics of women on them), what is the likelihood that this woman *just happens* to stumble across her own nude pics on some random website?

    Second, the whole story about calling Dell because “pictures were disappearing off of my computer” and then “watching while the tech took the pictures out of my email” also makes no sense. If someone did have access to her computer (easily possible if her computer had a trojan allowing remote access by a hacker), why would they delete the pics? Why not just steal copies of them?

    Third, she WATCHES THE TECH STEAL THE PICS and does nothing about it? Then contacts the same tech for help when the pics show up on a website?

    Fourth, the business about the tech claiming to want to help her on his own time, and requiring a laptop to do it??? You send a DMCA request to the host, and the pics are down. Problem solved.

    No. I’m calling bullshit.

    I suspect something else happened. Perhaps an ex-boyfriend got mad and posted the pics she had earlier sent him, and sent a link to her friends or boyfriend. Or perhaps her computer was infected with a trojan and an anonymous hacker, or someone she knew, gained access to it.

    But in any case, I can’t imagine how, unless this woman is *completely* stupid, she would have found this alleged website with her nakey pics on it, and then called the Dell tech who’d previously downloaded the pics for help, unless he was the one who pointed out the website to her in the first place, and even then, she would have to be dumber than a post.

    Whole thing sounds really fishy. My guess is she’s going to try to extort cash out of Dell.

  54. Ayo says:

    Something foul is going on on the woman’s side. Why, after he “downloaded her nude photos” would she consider sending her brand new laptop to him? The chat logs that she was showing didnt seem to be Legit Dell chat screens. It was a personal picture of the Tech Guy with sunglasses on. I’m calling BS on this woman… Seems like she decided to Cyber with a dude from India…

  55. NarcolepticGirl says:

    Okay. here:

    She started up an online “friendship” with a guy that works at Dell. They are and have been friends on Facebook – so I’m not sure if they met through a mutual friend (there is one mutual friend they share) or through her actually calling tech support.

    There are comments that her boyfriend made (they are in a rocky relationship according to an Oprah forum) about the Dell guy and he doesn’t like that they are friends.

    She already has a webcam sight that people pay money for and make requests for.

    My guess is that maybe the dell guy did take the pictures/screenshots (that were given to him by her) and make a website – and sent her a link or something. Then somehow her boyfriend found out – so she pretended like she didn’t know anything about it and made up this ridiculous story which we are all reading. Then decided to go to the media after she found out this guy “fell in love” with another “customer”. Not sure how he had her credit card number or used to to buy a computer for someone else – maybe he did do this which may have pushed her over the edge.
    BUT, I am not sure why she didn’t file a police report but instead a year later, went to the media.

    In any case – the first part of the story – I am totally not buying.

    I’m guessing Dell has been advised by their attorny not to respond to her or the media right now.

  56. KPS2010 says:

    She looks skanky…maybe pics were to craigslist?

  57. Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

    So, she doesn’t want her teenage daughter to see the pictures…but…she will let a complete stranger see them. She outs the guy from India for doing what he did on local TV now it has gone national…wonder how her teenage daughter feels now…

  58. kingdom2000 says:

    Am I the only one suspcious about this whole thing? First she said she “I couldn’t find them on my computer and that made me nervous” and then it was “I watched him take the pictures out of my e-mail. I watched him.” Now, I admit it is possible she is so stupid that email versus her own computer hard drive might be a confusing concept but still.

    What I really want to know though is how she found them online? That would not be an easy task to do, especially if the guy was located in India which highly increases the chances of any pics being uploaded on less well known sites stateside. Sure there are sites like Tineye but if she doesn’t know the difference between images being in her email vs computer then I doubt she would know how to use sites like that.

    Then there is questions on how she got all this knowledge about the guy, his involvement with “Tara” and more. That is not info that normally gets provided in tech calls because while you may think your problem is unique and important, to the guy at the other end your just idiot #1523586.

    My point is there is a big disconnect here as the story doesn’t add up with the realities of the internet and the information the alleged victim is providing.

  59. ITDEFX says:

    3 things you know are wrong with this story even before you read the story just by looking at the picture and title…

    1. DELL
    2. Left handed who can’t figure out how to set up the mouse for left handed mode
    3. Fugly woman bitching about her nudies being stolen by an Indian.

    If you don’t trust cyberspace…. THEN DON’T CONNECT TO CYBERSPACE!!!

    oh yea…seriously dell indian dude….do you really think she was that hot naked to post those pics? Stupid bitch shouldn’t have fallen for that shit he told her.

    I really don’t think Dell should do anything beyond just refunding her money back and that’s it… plain stupidity if you ask me……. she just wants that “special attention”……..just wait til Playboy calls……*rolls eyes*

  60. Retired Again says:

    WELCOME to Dell … company from Hell. I am a Texan and from Austin Texas, home for DELL.
    DELL is a nightmare to deal with. AND get this …. New Dell Option? Pay extra and you can talk to an American form USA instead of INDIA or wherever.

  61. gargunkle says:

    This seems too implausible. I don’t think I can believe it (primarily that anyone would be so foolish and to continually do so).

  62. wild homes loves you but chooses darkness! says:

    Oh, man. I’m trying not to laugh, but this story is just too weird. I don’t want to blame the OP, because I don’t have any idea how I’d react if I was supported teleported into The Twilight Zone… which is apparently what happened here. This might be the single strangest story I’ve ever read here at the Consumerist.

  63. a3219806 says:

    Clearly, this woman deserved to have her pictures stolen. Isn’t that what the CEO of Google said? Don’t do it if you don’t want to be seen.

  64. BadgerPudding says:

    Wow. At every single step in this whole mess, this woman made a really, really terrible decision. If you honestly believe a Dell tech needs you to buy them a new laptop to work on your case….I just can’t finish the end of this sentence and not get disemvowled.

  65. brianleejackson says:

    I’m sorry but right when she said she shipped her laptop to him in India…. wow. she gets what she deserves for being this naive. I understand that she isn’t tech savvy, but there is a thing called *Common Sense.

  66. Captain Packrat says:

    Pics plz

  67. CaptCaveman says:

    I’m thinking that she’s just looking for a payday. Nothing adds up here. I mean honestly, lost pictures. But they are sitting in your email. The tech downloads the pictures and suddenly they are posted to a web site. Just how is someone that doesn’t know how to hit the F3 key on their keyboard and type *.jpg to search for their “lost” pictures supposed to suddenly find them sitting on a random web site?
    And the funniest thing in the story is when she said that she “doesn’t trust the cyber world”. And how she was taken advantage of.
    I’ll just leave this here: http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/cv888/womans_nudie_pics_are_stolen_from_her_computer_as/c0vj7ca

    When everyone is done having a look at that link watch the story again and try not to laugh.