High Alcohol Content Beer War Continues With 60% ABV Brew

Hot on the heels of last week’s news about the 55% alcohol content beer (which also happened to come packed in roadkill), a Dutch brewer has upped the ante with a brew purported to contain 60% alcohol by volume.

While the 55% beer had been dubbed the “End of History,” this 60% ABV boozer has a more uplifting name in “Start the Future.” It also does not come stuffed in a rodent carcass, which is a plus.

Additionally, Start the Future’s price tag — $45 for .333 liter — is a huge savings over End of History, which sold out in spite of its $760/bottle price tag.

The battle over these high ABV beverages has seen a lot of good-natured ribbing between competitors. For example, when German brewery Schorschbrau unveiled a beer with 40% ABV, BrewDog, the Scottish company responsible for End of History, introduced a 41% ABV beer they called Sink the Bismarck!.

“It has become a little competition,” said the Start the Future brewer. “You should see it as a joke.”

Brewer claims world’s strongest beer [Reuters]

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