Use of smart phones is rising, and bills are rising with them. A new study states that smartphone users are consuming around 50% more data on their wireless plans than last year. In 2010 average smartphone owners used 146 MB per month, up from 97 MB per month in 2009. [Consumer Reports Electronics]


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  1. dulcinea47 says:

    No kidding… b/c if you want a new phone, you have a choice between a crappy flip phone, or a decent phone where you *must* pay for a data plan. You don’t have a choice. And if you’re already paying for it you might as well use it.

  2. visualpurple says:

    My monthly cell bill (with data for my BlackBerry) is actually lower now than it was when I had a dumbphone, and I’m getting many more features. Retentions department FTW.