Woman Shoplifts Clothes, Comes Back to Interview For Job In Shoplifted Clothes, Shoplifts Some More

What the heck in wrong with Canada this week? Yesterday we wrote about the stupidest man in the Great White North and now comes news of a woman who is either the dumbest or most brazen shoplifter we’ve heard about in a while.

According to police in Barrie, Ontario, a 40-year-old woman went to interview at a local store and on the way out decided to help herself to the unofficial employee five-finger discount.

The manager, who had just finished interviewing the woman, spotted the shoplifting on the store’s security camera but wasn’t fast enough to stop her from getting away.

Of course, he had her resume in her hand, so locating her secret shoplifter lair was not terribly difficult for the authorities.

But wait — there’s more.

When police went through the security tapes, they noticed the same woman had been in the store the day before her interview… shoplifting the outfit she wore when applying for the job.

Quipped Barrie’s version of David Caruso as he politely removed his sunglasses, “It is unlikely that she will be getting an interview in the near future.”

Applicant can add ‘shoplifting’ to resume [Cnews]

Thanks to SteveDave for the tip!

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