The Mystery Of The $100,000 Water Bills

Something is amiss with the water in Brockton, MA. No, it doesn’t smell or taste funny — it’s just costing some of the town’s citizens one hell of a lot of money. In fact, some residential customers have been charged as much as $100,000 for one month’s worth of H20.

Unwilling to drown in this erroneous debt, a number of the overcharged Brocktonians took their concerns to the City Council last night, who voted nearly unanimously to open an investigation into the water department’s billing practices.

One of the recipients of a $100K invoice is a single mother of three who says she hasn’t been able to resolve the issue with the department:

My biggest issue is that I still have a higher water bill than a commercial business, and no one can explain that to me.

A Brockton City Council member agrees that there is a problem:

We have a lot of faulty water meters out there. There has to be. Nobody gets $100,000 water bill. I’m sorry.

Customers Slapped With $100K Water Bills [The Boston Channel]

Thanks to Harper for the tip!