Nabisco Crackers About To Get A Whole Lot Wheatier

While fast food companies attempt to outdo themselves with bacon-wrapped, chocolate-glazed triple burgers, the folks at Kraft Foods are actually doing something that will make their Nabisco line of crackers healthier — adding more whole wheat.

Over the next three years, the company says it will increase the whole grain content in more than 100 products, including Wheat Thins, which will see increases in whole wheat anywhere from 200-400%, and Ritz crackers, which are virgins to the entire whole wheat phenomenon.

High in dietary fiber, whole wheat has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve digestion and provide essential nutrients.

Said a dude from Nabisco, “People are looking for more whole grains, we know that they aren’t getting enough.”

Kraft insists the decision to jack up the whole wheat content is a response to consumer demand. “We can make products activists or regulators want,” explains a Kraft-y person. “But if consumers don’t eat them, it doesn’t help them or us.”

Kraft will increase whole grains in more than 100 cracker products over next 3 years [Chicago Tribune]

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