Apple Says Droid X Also Has "Death Grip" Problem

Apple has added the Droid X to its list of phones that it claims also has the “death grip” antenna issue. Apple’s website depicts a hand holding the phone in a fairly normal one-handed grip, with the signal bars depleted. Below the image, Apple says: ” In weak signal areas, this grip may negatively affect signal strength.” PCMag, however, takes issue with Apple’s methodology…

From PCMag:

Most recently, Apple showed a death grip on the Motorola Droid X using one hand. We tried the very same experiment last week, and we disagree with Apple’s methodology and conclusions in two important ways.

According to the article, those ways are:

1) “Rather than using bars, you need to look at the signal receive strength in -dBm or the phone’s ability to connect calls. “

2) “As you can see in our video, we had to completely cover the body of the Droid X in an awkward, two-handed grip to get the phone’s signal to drop.”

Here’s the aforementioned video. That poor doughnut! Do any readers have the Droid X? Can you death grip it with one hand?

Apple’s Droid X ‘Death Grip’ Claim: Bogus [PCMag]

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