Canceling Your Clear Wire Service? How About A Refund And Free Service?!

Rich decided to cancel his Clear Wire internet service to help cut his household costs. Most retention representatives would handle the request by kicking and screaming like angry toddlers waiting for a blood test. Not Clear Wire. After hearing that Rich had fallen on hard times, they offered to refund a month’s worth of service charges and kick in two free months of service to boot.

Rich writes:

I just wanted to write and and let everyone know how nice the customer service is at Clear. I had to call in to cancel my service cause i lost my job and had to cut back on my bills. So i call in and explain my situation to Alyssa, and she offers to refunds last month’s service fee of $50 and asks if i would be interested in 2 months of free service since i had been with them since they rolled out in Philadelphia. I of course agreed and asked why they would do that and she explained that they understand times are tough and finding a job is difficult and that they are doing this as a courtesy cause without internet its hard to found a job. I was very impressed and thought that people of the internet should know.

Just call back in two months to make sure the service is actually canceled. Who knows, you might even end up with a few extra freebies.

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