Hands Off: If You Touch It, You're More Likely To Buy It

Yahoo! has a piece from Women’s Day that lists 12 tricks that stores play on us in order to get us to spend more. One of them, putting nice fuzzy sweaters on tables, is a trick to get you to touch them. Once you touch them, you’re hooked!

From Women’s Day:

The Tactic: Easy Access
Research shows that if you touch something, you’re more likely to buy it. That’s why products like stuffed animals and candy are placed within easy reach of children at the grocery checkout, and soft blankets or cozy sweaters are positioned strategically on low tables at a store’s entrance. outsmart it! Hands off. Don’t touch the merchandise even to look at the price tag unless it’s something you’ve planned to buy.

We’ve totally fallen victim to this. Fuzzy blankets and sweaters are like crack.

What tricks do you fall for?

12 Spending Schemes We Fall For [Yahoo!] (Thanks, Steve S!)

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