Woman Wears 6 Items Of Clothing For A Month — Nobody Notices

Wondering how many clothing items you really need? The answer may be 6. Well, probably not, but it is rather interesting that one woman went a month with only 6 items of clothing and nobody, not even her husband (who does the laundry) even noticed.

From the NYT:

During her experiment — something called a “shopping diet,” actually — which ended on Wednesday, Ms. Brennan made do with the following: a black blazer and pants from H & M; two button-down shirts, one black and one pink; a pair of Old Navy jeans; and one well-worn pink T-shirt.

How she settled on those items was complicated by the fact that she has two young children, a golden retriever and three cats, and that she was starting a new job last month with an hourlong commute. She said she needed “six items that are animal-hair-, kid-, food- and wrinkle-resistant. I need these items to be professional, but also work for playing football with my son and tea parties.”

She agonized the longest over the T-shirt — the button-down shirts and suit separates were for work, but the right T-shirt could be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with the blazer. Her revelation at the end of 31 days, after her husband still had not noticed, even when she wore her floral-printed pajamas to do yard work: “Obviously, I didn’t need all of these clothes.”

Could you make due with 6 pieces of clothing? Seems like a lot small loads of laundry to us.

Shoppers on a ‘Diet’ Tame the Urge to Buy [NYT]

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