If You Get An E-Mail From The CEO Of BP, It's Probably A Scam

Here’s a tip: Unless you’re a high-ranking member of the military or government, you’re probably not going to be getting any e-mails sent to you by big-mouthed British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward. But for those who do see something from ol’ T-Bone in the their inbox, the Attorney General in Florida wants you to know it’s probably a scam.

Earlier today, the Florida AG’s office issued a warning about a phishing scam targeted at people affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.

From the AG’s site:

A consumer recently reported to the Attorney General’s Office that she received an email from someone purporting to be Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP. The email stated that those who replied back to the email address listed with their personal information would be the recipient of $500,000 in grant funding from BP.

Shockingly, the AG says the offending e-mail appears to have originated from Nigeria. I wonder if it was sent by the deposed prince I’ve been corresponding with.

Attorney General Warns Floridians of Email Scam Related to Oil Spill Disaster [MyFloridaLegal.com]

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