Sears Settles Lawsuit Alleging Pricing Fraud

Sears paid out $1 million to settle a civil lawsuit with six California counties that accused the retailer of charging customers more for products than the advertised prices.

Sears, which admitted no fault, didn’t comment to the Marin Independent Journal, but of course a prosecutor was there to gloat.

“Sears was very cooperative and they worked very hard in putting together a progressive program to make sure these types of problems don’t continue,” a consumer protection prosecutor for the Marin County District Attorney’s Office told the paper. “We believe that the programs they’re putting in place are really very good.”

Kmart, a Sears subsidiary, was also named in the suit for charging customers inaccurate fees for recycling drink containers.

Sears settles pricing suit by Marin, other counties [Marin Independent Journal]
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  1. Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

    Price gouging in California? Oh dear…say it isn’t so!

    Feh. Price gouging and California have been bed partners since the gold rush.

  2. Patrick says:

    Oh yeah, he was really gloating. It was totally inappropriate to describe his vanquished opponents as “very cooperative” and “progressive,” not to mention “the programs they’re putting in place” as “really very good.”

    What a bastard.

  3. Nighthawke says:

    What a meathead, the DA. You know that Sears will be back to their old tricks a year later.

  4. sonneillon says:

    The only DA I’ve seen with the balls to go for the throat is the DA in New York (whatever you think about his motives). Everyone else seams to take the suing a large corporation is hard so we’ll just bust their balls till they give us a cut of their ill gotten gains.

  5. geppe says:

    I bought an online treadmill in Ohio advertised for 299.95 on the Sears website. I bought it and was charged 399.95. I have made numerous chats and emails and now the price has changed online yet no refund and no help. Anyone else get a fraud price in Ohio?