Hershey Will Help You Learn To Eat Right

Hershey has joined Mars, Coke and Pepsi as a sponsor of the American Dietetic Association, which bills itself as “world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals,” and says its goal is to “optimize the nation’s health through food and nutrition.” Hershey? Nutrition? Actually, it’s the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition, which is devoted to “the sweet science of chocolate.” Hey, we can live with that.

Of course, just because this tickles our tastebuds, it doesn’t mean it makes a whole lot of sense from a nutritional perspective. But never mind. Here’s what the ADA and Hershey are planning:

The Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition has become an ADA Partner in the Association’s corporate sponsorship program.

“The program helps ADA achieve our Association’s mission—to empower our members to be the nation’s food and nutrition leaders,” said registered dietitian and ADA President Judith C. Rodriguez. “Among the ways we accomplish our mission is by working with industry sponsors to include registered dietitians in the development of policies and products; sharing science-based information and new research with ADA members; and enabling ADA to reach millions of consumers with healthy-eating messages.”

The Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition develops and supports cutting-edge scientific research for products and technologies to provide consumers with a range of snacking choices.

Hershey won’t just be signing checks, but will also “collaborate” with the ADA on an “innovative, national consumer-focused nutrition education campaign.” We’re not sure what’s going to be included in the campaign, but judging from the Hershey Center’s current offerings, we assume we’ll be seeing more tips on “fitting chocolate into your diet” and inside info on the chemical composition of Twizzlers.

Hershey Teams Up With ADA [Press Release]
HERSHEY Center for Health & Nutrition : Home [Official Site]


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  1. ChemicalFyre says:

    Keep the soy out of my chocolate and no one gets hurt.

  2. smo0 says:
    • DingoAndTheBaby says:

      This. Our chocolate in the States is so inferior to, well, like EVERY other country. So, if there’s one thing our chocolateers SHOULDN’T be doing, it’s “educating” the public on healthy eating. They need to make good, unhealthy chocolate first (since that’s their, you know, livlihood supposedly), then they can redirect their focus. Sheesh.

      • Hoot says:

        The chocolate snobbery here is quite funny. If it really makes you cringe and howl to see an example of a not-well-made, nutritionally questionable substitute for another higher quality product, grocery shopping with you must be a blast.

  3. knoxblox says:

    Optimizing the nation’s health through food and nutrition? B.S. never tasted so sweet.

  4. ElGordo says:

    Soooooo, you’re saying that “Chocolotastic” really is a food group?

  5. MercuryPDX says:

    What next? Budweiser, Johnny Walker, and Korbel sponsoring an AA meeting?

  6. shepd says:

    Well, Hershey’s is already a way to weight loss considering it smells like puke.

  7. Bearcat44 says:

    Where’s the link to Mockolate: Why it’s good for America, Hershey?

  8. mbz32190 says:

    That reminds me..my weekly supermarket ad had a “health cents” column, advertising how to make “healthier” s’mores by using Hershey’s Dark Chocolate (on sale) compared to milk chocolate. I’m sorry, but that isn’t going to make a s’more any healthier, only tastier.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Maybe they’re trying to sell it based on the increased antioxidants? I agree. Dark chocolate is probably only marginally healthier than milk chocolate, but since it’s richer, people can train themselves not to eat as much. I personally refuse to do this.

  9. Microshock says:

    Nothing more than a PR stunt.
    You think a company producing fatty poor tasting chocolates like Hershey wants people to eat healthy?

    Obviously not since it’s their whole business.

  10. giax says:

    If you want to stay healthy AND eat chocolate, eat decent chocolate. Not Hershey’s, but anything else. Green & Blacks. European stuff… stuff that has cane sugar and not corn sugar listed as an ingredient. Stuff that lists how many % chocolate it has.

  11. mcmunchkin says:

    Chocolate IS really good for you… so long as it isn’t full of sugar and WAX.

  12. mac-phisto says:

    i put baker’s chocolate in my chili. i guess this means i can change the name from “gut-blasting chili” to “heart-healthy chili”.

  13. tsukiotoshi says:

    I am so intrigued by this.

    • tsukiotoshi says:

      I apologize, this was supposed to be a reply to mac-phisto’s post about the chocolate chili.

      • mac-phisto says:

        a bird once told me that baker’s chocolate is a great way to offset acidity from the addition of peppers & hot sauce. you keep the heat, but lose the afterburn that most people get from eating spicy foods. i sprinkle about 1/4 cup into about 2 gallons of chili. it seems to work – my chili is pretty hot, but no one’s complained about heartburn from eating it (myself included).

  14. Hoot says:

    I really don’t see the problem with this. There have been other articles about companies wanting to cut down on the salt/sugar/fat/etc for no real reason other than pressure from outside groups (not consumers). Rather than trying to spin their chocolate as a diet food, perhaps they’re trying to find a healthier ingredient balance? Because I mean, people are still going to eat their chocolate no matter what, especially in this economy.

    “Among the ways we accomplish our mission is by working with industry sponsors to include registered dietitians in the development of policies and products; sharing science-based information and new research with ADA members; and enabling ADA to reach millions of consumers with healthy-eating messages.”

  15. Galium says:

    I can’t wait until they give themselves an award for nutrition excellence. I really love companies that get together start some group that they run, then give themselves an award to tout to the public on how great they are. CR, UL, etc awards, they have to work for and/or make a good product. With the self designated groups they all get an award every year, month, whatever is the criteria. One of my favorites is the auto dealership awards. You know they are reputable, honest, and unbiased. Only the best dealers get the awards. I never have been able to find an auto dealer yet that was second, though. Others that top the list are airlines and cable groups. Next time you call any of them ask them what awards they have and who gave them. It is a riot, even Comcast gets awards for excellence.

  16. StrangeEmily says:

    Well this information will come in handy they next time i have to sell a candy bar from Hershey’s to an old lady who starts shouting at me and blaming myself along with the company i work for, for promoting obesity.