Bill Pay Drop Box Stolen, Comcast Doesn't Tell Customers

If you live in Staunton, VA and you have Comcast, you might want to make sure they got your bill. Apparently a bill pay drop box was stolen and the cable company didn’t inform customers that their bill may have been stolen.

From the News Leader:

“I got a letter threatening to turn off my service, but nothing to let me know about the theft,” said [a customer whose bill was stolen], who learned about the incident only after she complained to the company. “I think people need to know what happened.”

[A Comcast spokeswoman] said the company did not notify all of its customers of the missing payment box or the possibility their money was not received. Instead, she said the company is working directly with individual customers who come to them with questions.

The spokesperson said that customers who believe their checks may have been stolen should contact the service center, stop payment on the check and resubmit the payment. Comcast will be helping with any bank fees that its customers incur because of the left, according to the spokesperson.

Comcast payment box theft spurs confusion [News Leader]

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