Baseball Teams Invite You To Stuff Your Face With Infinite Nachos

In an effort to ramp up slumping attendance, 19 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams are offering some sort of all-you-can-eat promotion this year. The feeding troughs keep fans happy as the teams slog through the dog days of the endless season.

Sports Illustrated quotes a face-stuffing Orioles fan, who says “I mostly go for the hot dogs. One good thing about this is that they have cold stuff like ice cream. I’ve had a bunch of the ice cream. Oh, I tried one thing of salad too, because last year they didn’t have a salad.”

As you can see, strategy plays into all facets of a baseball game. MLB fans, if you’ve partaken in an all-you-can-eat promotion, what’s your evaluation of the grub?

Growing trend: All-you-can-eat sections at big-league parks [Sports Illustrated]

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