No, This Isn't The Dude's Bank

Seen during an endless drive up Route 17 in New York’s Catskill Mountains: Jeff Bank, which summons images of some, er, dude named Jeff who just happened to be striding through the area and decided to open a bank. Because, you know, sometimes it’s convenient to have a cash machine nearby.

Alas, this is actually the First National Bank of Jeffersonville, an institution in the area since 1913. Bummer. But we hear it still has some really nice rugs.

Welcome to The First National Bank of Jeffersonville, a Sullivan County NY Community Bank [Official Site]

[Note: For those of you who fail to see the humor in this, have mercy. When you’re in the car for 8 hours on a hot summer Sunday, it’s surprising how little it takes to amuse you.]

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