Do Your Patriotic Duty And Eat Ice Cream This Month

Whatever problems a liberal jerk like me might have with Ronald Reagan, I will give the man this — In 1984, he had the vision to name July as National Ice Cream Month. And then, within National Ice Cream Month, there is National Ice Cream Day. This year, that falls on July 18. When Reagan made the declaration, he asked Americans to celebrate this glorious month with “appropriate ceremonies and activities,” which I will take to mean, “burying my face in a bucket of butter pecan.”

Over at Confections Of A Dangerous Mind, blogger Mark Marino details his deep and abiding love for all flavors of ice cream, but also reflects on how he always ends up “coming back to basics, like a carton of chocolate/vanilla/strawberry.”

Which leads me to this question for y’all: What’s the one ice cream flavor that will always get your mouth to watering?


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  1. mythago says:

    Blue Moon, which they don’t make anymore :(

  2. Thyme for an edit button says:

    Pralines and cream

  3. Speak says:

    My local grocery store last year had a limited edition flavor called Bluesberry something or other. It was a cheesecake flavored ice cream with blueberry swirls, chunks of cheesecake and whole blueberries. I only ate two of the containers before I couldn’t find them any more. Also the store brand is not the full 1/2 gallon size, but it is still bigger than the national brands for much less cost.

  4. farcedude2 says:

    Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough. Nothing else measures up.

    • Nick says:

      Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin cheese cake.

    • OBEYshiba says:

      Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked.

      When I lived in Beijing, I only popped into import stores to look for tortillas, Half-Baked ice cream and Dr. Pepper (even though I prefer Mr. Pibb).

    • kc2idf says:

      Ah, we have a winner! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

      Doesn’t have to be B&J, though for me . . . Turkey Hill also works, but the very best comes from a place in Greenwich (not Greenwich Village, but the Village of Greenwich in Washington County, NY that pronounces it “green witch” and not “grenich”) called The Ice Cream Man. The Ice Cream Man is to ice cream what a brew pub is to beer, i.e. they make all their own on site, and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

  5. Kman says:

    Penn State Creamery cookie dough. It’s ruined me for all other brands of cookie dough ice cream. Plus, it comes in a full 1/2 gallon carton, which looks enormous sitting next to a ‘modern 1/2 gallon’ carton you’d find now in a grocery store.

  6. SerenityDan says:

    Turkey Hill Death By Chocolate, which was discontinued years ago sadly.

  7. Supes says:

    Can August be insulin month?

  8. B says:

    It’s not a flavor so much as a place, but any ice cream served at Memories in Kingston, NH.

  9. igoooorrrr says:

    Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream.

  10. drizzt380 says:

    Dark Chocolate Mint by Haagen Dazs. It is the perfect ice cream for me.

  11. Mundo says:

    Rocky Road/Americone Dream.

  12. BfloAnonChick says:

    Teaberry! :-)

  13. lizzybeans11 says:

    Cookies ‘n’ Cream

    …It’s the well placed apostrophes that do it.

  14. Dallas_shopper says:

    There’s a high-priced brand of ice cream that makes a pistacio gelato that I adore…it’s wonderful. I get a pint maybe once a year and indulge.

  15. Etoiles says:

    Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM

    Or, for really hot days, a good, creamy strawberry ice cream with strawberries in it.

  16. InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

    Chocolate and Peanut Butter, usually from Baskin Robbins

  17. KillerBee says:

    Chris, you may be a liberal jerk, and me a heartless conservative, but as long as we can find common ground in butter pecan ice cream, there is hope for the future.

  18. ageekymom says:

    Rocky Road, or homemade Strawberry-Rhubarb Sherbet

  19. TheMonkeyKing says:

    I made mint julep ice cream!

    Just make a normal custard except you need to add 20 fresh mint leaves cut up in slives and 3 tablespoons of bourbon during the cooking process. I used less sugar too. When you cool the mixture, just run it through a sieve to pick out the leaves. Of course, you can keep them in too.

  20. yagisencho says:

    Macha aisu – green tea ice cream does it for me. I’m thinking of whipping up my own batch, with some mint for extra zest. nomnomnom

  21. XISMZERO says:

    …And if I get fat and lose my teeth, THAT’S FINE WITH ME!

    /don’t like Rocky Road myself though

  22. It'sRexManningDay! says:

    Mint chocolate chip…such a classic.

    Also red bean ice cream from the sushi restaurant down the street…mmmmm!

  23. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    When I was in college, there was an ice cream station in the cafeteria. Every day there were at least five flavors to choose from. It was absolutely amazing. Every day was National Ice Cream Day, at least for those who chose to use their cafeteria meal plans to eat ice cream :)

    • Dustbunny says:

      I suspected I had an inferior college experience, but this confirms. it. We had no such heavenly treats in our cafeteria. We did have unlimited helping of cottage cheese, which is totally not the same :(

  24. rlee says:

    Breyer’s Strawberry

  25. Wang_Chung_Tonight says:

    yes. if we don’t stay fat, how can we be called Americans?

  26. ret3 says:

    Tin Roof, preferably Blue Bell’s.

  27. dreamfish says:

    Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is the best

  28. nybiker says:

    Because this is an important question to answer, I logged in to put in my 2 cents worth. Rum Raisin by H-D (I can never remember how to spell it). Of course, since it got blasted with the grocery shrink ray I no longer buy their products. But if Ben & Jerry’s made it, I’d get theirs.

    Kman mentioned Penn State Creamery. I recall seeing something about them on one of those shows that History or TLC did. Almost made want to go back to school for a master’s. ‘Gee, where did you get your masters?’ Penn State Creamery – so I could make my own at home.

  29. frank64 says:

    Haagen Daz used to have German Chocolate Cake, I loved it but I haven’t seen it in years.

    I Googled it and got this posting from someone – with a recipe.

  30. giax says:

    More than ice creams, lemon sorbetto (or sorbet … but as it’s more Italian style, it’s sorbetto and that’s it).

    Home made, and the recipe is simple too:
    (I use a Cuisinart ice cream maker, but any would do)

    1. Make plain syrup.
    Boil 2 cups of white sugar and 2 cups of warer for a few minutes, only until sugar is not visible any more. Cool down – and you can after cool it in freezer for a bit, or at least keep in fridge. You want this syrup to be as cool as possible.

    2. Add the cold, cold syrup and lemon juice to taste. Oh, and you want to keep your lemon juice in fridge too. The colder (but not solid) ingredients the better.
    When I use 1 batch of syrup as made above, to my taste it takes 2 cups of lemon juice. You may use more or less according to your taste, but bear in mind when frozen it will taste a bit less less sweet (20% or so)
    Use the ice cream machine until it starts to look like a sorbetto. Serve, or keep in freezer for a bit before serving, and freeze any leftovers.

    See? Easy and really yummy.

    A few variations:

    – You can add mashed, fresh strawberries to the mix (50 % lemon, 50 % strawberry – add syrup later to measure to taste)
    – You can use lime juice as part of it (25 % lime, 75 % lemon of non-syrup part)
    – You can make syrup with brown sugar … with this variation, use some lime juice and once it’s nearly frozen add some cachaça or white rum for a more Brazilian taste

    For non-sorbetto ice creams, I also make my own.
    I was tired of looking thru ingredients to avoid HFCS and various other items in them, so now all basic ice creams can be as plain or complicated as you like.

    I like as a base 3% soy milk or almond or rice milk (with at least 3 % fat it behaves better), adding (usually demerara) sugar and pure vanilla paste to taste.
    Fine, as there is no cream or dairy products you could argue they are not ice “cream” but they work for the same purpose and work much better for lactore-impaired individuals. :)

    Question of the day is which flavor… almond milk with nutella, or white chocolate and wasabi?

  31. Miss Dev (The Beer Sherpa) says:

    My mom’s homemade vanilla. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can compare.

    (And commercially, I’d actually go with a sorbet: Ben & Jerry’s Purple Passionfruit Sorbet – which they don’t make anymore)

  32. nbs2 says:

    Everybody talks about the PSU creamery, leaving the BYU creamery loveless. But, give me some BYU Raspberry Almond Fudge or Marionberry, and I’ll be more than happy.

    The one good thing about my knee giving out and losing my ROTC slot? Ending up working at the creamery store. Nothing like verifying product quality and consistency through regular random sampling.

  33. Xay says:

    Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

  34. Doughbuy says:

    Hershey’s moose tracks.

  35. Velifer says:

    It was Reagan’s deregulation of the ice cream industry that led us to the miserable state of air-fluffed shrunken containers instead of rich creamy full half gallons.


  36. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Mint chocolate chip, regular chocolate chip, strawberry, French vanilla, chocolate, Neopolitan. That’s about all I usually eat. Oh, and orange sherbet, but that’s not really ice cream. I’m not very adventurous because other than the chocolate chips, I don’t like chunks in my ice cream.

    I like to stir up the Neopolitan and see what color it comes out. :)

  37. Draygonia says:

    Dairy Queen cookie dough blizzard… or the turtle ice cream pies they sell in the store for like 5 to 8 dollars… Those are the absolute best pieces of pie you can eat, and only 4,000 calories per pie!

  38. hmmhmm says:

    Or you can buy an Ice cream / sorbet maker off of amazon and make your own flavors of ice cream while saving money.

  39. Hepcephus says:

    Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road

  40. Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

    You said something nice about ZOMG!! Ray-Gun. This is heresy, Chris. At the Lib’rul hive-mind meeting at the mothership tonight, please turn in your card to me.

  41. Blow a fuse? I can fix that... says:

    Nothing beats a good strawberry ice cream. And nothing is as disgusting as a bad “strawberry” (100% devoid of actual strawberries) ice cream.

  42. baquwards says:

    Pistachio! or my second favorite, which I have only ever found in Maine, Grapenut…

    I did have Ben and Jerry’s at a shop today that was pretty fantastic, it was called bonnarroo buzz, coffee malt ice cream with whiskey carmel swirls and toffee pieces.

    • nbs2 says:

      You can find Grapenut elsewhere. I’ve had it in Boston from a ice cream parlor. I can find it at the local megamart here in Frederick, Maryland.

      But, I like the crunch enough that I….make my own at home. I just use the cereal as a topping. When the boxes are on sale for $2.50@, it’s awesome.

  43. Darkneuro says:

    I broke down 6 years ago and bought one of the canister-style electric ice-cream makers. My favorite so far has been a blood-orange/peach blend that was yum-yummy… The ‘standard’ that I’ll always go for? Strawberry.

  44. Blue387 says:

    Ben and Jerry’s apple pie. Mix apple pie pieces into ice cream, all for a good cause.

  45. sponica says:

    i used to be a diehard Breyer’s fan….but then they started adding stabilizers and the ice cream never felt the same again.

    I’m a Haagen Dasz strawberry ice cream person myself.

  46. lockdog says:

    You know, it’s not the ice cream, its the ice cream stand. Not some sterile place in the ‘burbs where a single scoop costs 8 bucks and they abuse my food with paddles or some such. Give me a roadside stand out on the edge of a cornfield, walk up to a sliding screened window to order and then sit at some sticky picnic tables under a few nearby trees. A mini-golf course next door is also acceptable. Failing that, a tacky 1950s building shaped like a giant soft serve swirl, preferably with a name like “Tast-E-Freeze” or “Dairy Yum Yum” is also acceptable.

  47. mystery79 says:

    Even though I’m a bit lactose intolerant, I can’t deny my patriotic duty – therefore I had a neopolitan klondike bar a few mins ago.

  48. SelfishMom says:

    Believe it or not, I’m on a blogger trip right now visiting the Blue Bunny plant and HQ in Le Mars, Iowa, & today I got to make my own flavor. I made vanilla with chocolate-covered waffle bits, Reese’s peanut butter cup, and ribbons of fudge sauce. That’s now my new favorite!

  49. Nidabriz says:

    Neopolitan! I can eat the flavors individually or mix em all up, whatever my mood.

  50. haggis for the soul says:

    I really miss Ben & Jerry’s Primary Berry Graham, which was strawberry cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker in it.

    • JulesNoctambule says:

      I just bought their Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream today and it’s very, very similar to that.

  51. Hands says:

    There’s a dairy in South Florida called McArthur that sells both ice cream and milk. They advertise their ice cream on their milk cartons which I suppose isn’t bad but it throws me to see a milk carton with an entire panel that says “Smooth and Chunky.”

  52. widigital says:

    I cannot get enough of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.

  53. SWBLOOPERS says:

    Blue Belle Banana Pudding.

    Or any flavor Ms. Marco would be willing to share with me.

  54. webweazel says:

    My most recent fave is moose tracks, of a variety of brands. I still like a good quality chocolate chip (not mint), or a fudge swirl. If it’s really hot out, a big plastic tub of the-cheaper-the-better orange sherbet makes me happy. If I want plain chocolate or vanilla, I like those stirred in the bowl until like soft-serve consistency with chocolate jimmies mixed in. But for plain vanilla, I only get Breyer’s, the other brands seem too slimy.

  55. adam395 says:

    Key Lime Pie.