Free Award Wallet Upgrades

Last week we told you about Award Wallet, a site that helps keep track of your airline frequent flyer miles. While a basic account is free, they’re giving away free account upgrades to the first 30 people who jump on this coupon code.

Award Wallet spontaneously threw these at us gratis over the transom: use coupon code “the consumerist” to upgrade your account to AwardWallet Plus, which gives you unlimited displays of expiration notices instead of just 3, allows exporting award balances into excel, displays your historical account balance change chart, and shows extra reward account properties.

Even if the coupon codes run out, Award Wallet now seems to be doing a “name your price” option for AwardWallet Plus. Neato mosquito.

Award Wallet [Official Site]

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  1. COBBCITY says:

    30? Thousands of readers and they throw 30 upgrades at you? Not 100? What does it cost them?

    • mergatroy6 says:

      Does it matter what it cost them? They didn’t have to offer anything in the first place.

      They allocated 30 coupons and that is 30 more than they were obligated to offer.

      • psm321 says:

        And in return got another round of free advertising. Your parent poster was just saying that if they’re going to pull a gimmick to get more advertising, they should at least be generous with it

  2. mipo777 says:

    where on the website do you center the coupon code?

    • benson304 says:

      Once you set up the account, upgrade it, then once you get to the order summary there will be a box for coupon code.

      I just did it and it worked perfectly.

  3. mipo777 says:

    got it, just select credit card & there is a box

  4. georgi55 says:

    Awesome, thank you!

  5. Reading Rainbow says:

    All gone

  6. Adam says:

    looks like the 30 have been used already

  7. drmk says:

    Yup, already gone. Sigh.

  8. holocron says:

    Yup…used to many times already….

  9. almightytora says:

    That was quick. That really sucks how I missed this.

  10. GRCAMPBELL says:

    It’s been said before but Tripit is superior and while their pro service doesn’t let you name your own price, it’s not that expensive and much more functional.