CPSC Votes To Ban Drop-Side Cribs, Pottery Barn Recalls 82,000 Of Them

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that due to 153 deaths in the last four years, they have voted (5-0) to ban drop-side cribs.

From a statement by CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum:

The CPSIA requires the new mandatory rule to apply broadly and retroactively. Indeed, once the rule becomes effective, no crib may be manufactured, distributed in commerce, resold, leased, sublet, offered, or provided for use that is not in compliance with the mandatory standard. This standard, therefore, will impact entire industries, from manufacturers to retailers, and from distributers to resellers and thrift stores.

Also impacted will be businesses and service providers that either use or make cribs available to
patrons, such as commercial and home child care facilities, hotels, and other places of public
accommodation. I realize that the impact on some smaller entities may be great; however, Congress spoke clearly, and in a way that ensures children’s safety through comprehensive and swift action.

Meanwhile, Pottery Barn recalled 82,000 drop-side cribs that can detach when hardware breaks, creating a space into which a young child can become entrapped, which can lead to suffocation.

The recall involves all Pottery Barn Kids drop-side cribs regardless of the model number.

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