I Canceled FedEx Shipment To Scammer, FedEx Still Delivered Package

When Randall found out the guy to whom he sold an expensive digital camera was a con artist who skipped payment, he had already shipped out the product. He hurriedly called FedEx to stop the shipment and was assured he’d get the package back, but wires were crossed and the conman got the camera.

He brought up the issue to FedEx but the company won’t take responsibility.

He writes:

Anyway, I call FedEx that Friday afternoon after I shipped it and asked them to cancel the shipment. I was assured they would return the package 3-Day Select to the return address on the shipment, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

You can imagine my horror when I checked the tracking information the next morning and the package had made it to the Memphis hub and then was sent back out to Miami! Didn’t I just cancel this shipment? What sense does it make to send it to Miami and then bacK? Regardless, I called FedEx again. I mentioned the fact that I canceled it the night before and it still was processed through the facility at Memphis. Again, I was assured it would be returned and that the chase agent in Miami would get the package and return it. So, I waited again.

Sunday night, I checked the tracking information, and it had made it to Miami’s station. I called FedEx again Monday morning right before 8am to make sure it would be stopped. Again, I was assured it would and that the agent at the local station, not the airport but another Miami station, would be able to stop the package from going out.

Words can’t describe how enraged I was when FedEx sends me a delivery confirmation email. And of course, the recipient denies receiving the package. Now, FedEx is giving me the run around. I paid for the $2k in insurance to cover the value of the package. They screwed up, and if I had been told the cancellation was a best effort endeavor, I could’ve bought a plane ticket to Miami and intercepted the package myself. It would’ve been worth it.

One, they released the package to someone other than the addressed recipient.
Two, I was incorrectly informed that the package would be returned on three occasions, when it wasn’t.

Three, What kind of system allows a canceled package to be routed and delivered without any kind of warning?

So, what can I do?

I’ve faxed a complaint to the CEO’s office. I’m lucky enough to be working with the agent in Miami now, instead of the 800 number customer disservice reps. But, I’m running out of patience. I can’t afford to lose $2k worth of merchandise.

I received a letter saying it’s not their fault that they delivered my package after I canceled the shipment. It’s also not their fault three customer service agents told me that it would be stopped and returned.

Randall admits his share of responsibility for the mix-up, but wants FedEx to step up and resolve his problem. What do you think FedEx should be on the hook to do for Randall?

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