Carl's Jr. Whips Out A Foot-long Of Its Own

Figuring the hot dog and sub sandwich have kept an unfair stranglehold on the concept of the foot-long fast food for too long, Carl’s Jr. has struck out in favor of burgers’ rights by introducing the foot-long cheeseburger.

Foodbeast discovered the test-market monstrosity in the Los Angeles area, noting its price ($4 for a regular cheeseburger, $4.50 for a deluxe) would make Subway blush.

The blogger sampled the concoction and came up with this evaluation:

it’s basically just a few patties and ingredients mimicking a sub sandwich, which may end up not helping its overall appeal. The dough on the bread seems a little off, but the execution of the entire sandwich still remains interesting and I’m intrigued to say the least. As for the patty, it actual consists of smaller individual patties, instead of one larger piece.

Who wants this 12-incher to penetrate their Carl’s Jr?

Carl’s Jr. Testing a “Footlong Cheeseburger”
[Foodbeast via Dlisted]
(Thanks, Ca!)

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