Get 30% Off

Thanks to their site being down for maintenance, you can get 30% off at until midnight PST tonight, 7/12/10.

The site is supposed to go back up after 8am PST. Just drop in coupon code THANKS712 and start saving on books.

There are a few exclusions on the coupon; mainly anything that is not a book being sold at retail price is not valid.

(Thanks to Mike!)


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  1. fantomesq says:

    Love the void if copied verbiage… How would they know?

  2. Dutchess says:

    If you sign up for their Border’s Rewards club with email notifications you get 40% off coupons pretty regularly.

    I never buy anything full price at Border’s because they send out so many coupons….

    Oh…and I use the 40% off coupon to buy their Seattle’s best coffee every month. Saves me a TON of money on coffee beans.

  3. halcyon22 says:

    Even with 40-50% off Borders coupons you can often get things cheaper from Amazon.

    • full.tang.halo says:

      Some of us still go to B&M stores, like to have stuff same day, and browse to find other books that would interest us.

    • sweaterhogans says:

      Yeah, I’ve rarely seen anything at Borders cheaper than Amazon even with the coupon. I still love going to the store and looking at books, but I’m not sure why people would still want to buy a book from there.

  4. Thanatos says:

    Damn books only i was wanting to grab some DVDs :(

  5. nodaybuttoday says:

    Just note the discount only applies to listed prices and not the “your” price. If the “your” price is already a 30% discount from list price, you don’t get it.

  6. bruce9432 says:

    I didn’t see one item on Borders web site that sold for list price. This is an illusory promo.