2.4 Ounces Of Paint Thinner Came In 10-Gallon Boxes

A.J. writes about her parents ordering some touch-up paint for their range. They wanted three bottles, but the company sent them four. The excess didn’t stop there, as you can see from these gargantuan boxes the paint bottles arrived in. Oh, for this much leg room on a flight.

She writes:

This was the most insane use of overpackaging I’ve seen in a very long time. The four bottles (were) packed together in one of the individual baggies (which held only one bottle). They could have easily put these into a FedEx padded envelope and had them arrive safely.

We’re starting to wonder whether shippers are using the biggest boxes they can find in an effort to top one another in our Stupid Shipping Gang saga.

Tales of Stupid Shipping* [Syndicate Product]

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