Presenting Even More Reasons To Hate Airlines!

Do you find yourself feeling too at peace with baggage fees, missed connections and seemingly inane delays at airports? Don’t worry, here are 20 more reasons to be irate at airlines!

For those of you just aren’t mad enough at all the things airlines can do wrong, Time has compiled a lengthy list of outrages sure to get your blood boiling.

A few of our favorites (titles are Time‘s):

The Hub System: Claiming territory in certain cities helps airlines to get in good with an area after deregulation of fixed prices ended in 1978, but there’s a big, bad downside: bottlenecks galore! Major carriers consolidated their routes around their turf, or hubs, which means that at peak hours and in bad weather, these monopolies create big problems in traffic.

Frequent Flyer Gimmickry: Whatever happened to mileage perks? Airlines are charging booking fees within set time periods when you finally earn enough miles for that free flight, or sometimes limiting the amount of frequent-flyer seats on a plane, especially during times of heavy travel. You know, like the summer, when everyone wants to travel.

Bye-Bye Standby: Used to be, unforeseen circumstances could cause flight cancellations or changes in schedule, and airlines accommodated by offering standby. But now, a new beast is rearing its ugly head. Most airlines now have “confirmed standby,” which just means you can get a seat on another flight that day, but for a fee. Some even charge the fee for an unconfirmed seat. The injustice!

Check out the full list over at Time.

And So It Continues – 20 Reasons to Hate the Airlines [Time]

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