Microsoft Falsely Accuses Me Of Modding Broken Xbox, Wants $100 To Fix It

Zach’s Xbox 360 opted to play for Miami rather than Cleveland, but what he expected to be a routine repair has turned into a standoff. He says Microsoft accuses him of modding his console despite Zach’s contention that the unit, which he says is clean, shows no physical signs of being modded.

He writes:

On June 22nd I sent my Xbox 360 to the Microsoft repair center in [redacted], Texas. It was experiencing a single flashing red light and an e74 error code. After nearly 3 weeks of getting the run around from out-sourced Microsoft support, I am in utter awe. They claim my console has been internally modified, even though the warranty sticker is still intact and the opening points on the console are undamaged. Additionally they refuse to tell me what the internal modification is, or disclose how they diagnosed such a modification. They want $100 to repair the console.

Obviously, I have never modified the console, or even opened it for that matter. I am 16, and would like to know what my options are to get a working console back; and if any Consumerist readers have experienced such problems with their Xbox 360, and how they dealt with such problems.

The “I am 16” thing is the weakest point of Zach’s argument for innocence, because everyone knows kids that age are old enough to do sick and twisted things to home electronics.

Assuming Zach is on the level, though, what do you think he should do to continue his fight?

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