Staying Cool Frugally: It's Like Staying Warm Frugally, But Backwards

We in the Northeast won’t stop whining about our heat wave. (It’s really hot here! Did you hear?) But the beginning of hot weather is also a good time to remember that the same insulating and cooling tricks that frugal Consumerists use in the winter to keep heat in can also serve to keep heat out in the summer.

Unfortunately, one of the most popular of these, installing a programmable thermostat, only works if you have central air conditioning. If you do, though, you might be able to get one for free from your utility company.

Other winterizing ideas work for everyone in the summer…. including thermal curtains and insulation. What are your favorite methods for cooling down and keeping your house that way in the summer?

Save money on air conditioning by using a programmable thermostat, and maybe get the device for free [Consumer Reports Home & Garden]

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