Find This Woman A Job, Get $1,000

Know someone who’s hiring? It might be worth $1,000 to you. An unemployed woman in Texas is going to new lengths, offering the cash as a reward for finding her a steady job.

“It’s based on if I get a job offer,” the 51-year-old out-of work financial analyst explains. “I figure the worst case scenario, I’ll give them my first paycheck. Literally. That’s better than going another year like this.”

The $1,000 comes from a combination of her own savings and a gift from her friend.

She decided to offer the reward after 15 months of fruitless searching: “I was just sitting there thinking ‘Money talks. Money really talks.'”

The job-seeker has run through her $50,000 in savings and her unemployment benefits run out this month. “I don’t have anything left,” she said. “I sold my mineral rights on my land.”

Unemployed woman offers $1,000 reward for new job [WFAA]

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