HSBC Helping Out Mail Thieves By Sending Out Pre-Activated Debit Cards

Legitimate businessmen aren’t the only ones who need stimulus packages to get their games rolling again. Dudes who dig through peoples’ mail and steal debit cards can also use a little loving. HSBC understands this fact and is helping out by sending out pre-activated debit cards, Knowzy reports.

There are reports that HSBC did this sort of thing back in 2004 as well. The good news for HSBC members who receive the pre-activated cards is they won’t have to go through the tedious process of calling the phone number or using the card at an ATM before they can blow their entire checking accounts on lottery tickets and malt liquor at the convenience store.

HSBC Bank Sends Pre-Activated ATM/Debit Cards in Mail [Knowzy via Slashdot]
(Thanks, Randy!)

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