Economy Too Crappy For Lots Of Lilith Fair Shows says that Lilith Fair has had to cancel 10 dates: Salt Lake City, Montreal, Raleigh, Charlotte, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Birmingham, Austin, Houston, and Dallas due to bad ticket sales, low attendance, and occasional lack of Kelly Clarkson and Norah Jones.

In the just-released cancellation announcement, Lilith co-founder Terry McBride says, “We are in the midst of one of the most challenging summer concert seasons with many tours being cancelled outright. Everyone involved with the tour would like to apologize to the fans and artists scheduled to play in these markets, and express appreciation for all the support for the festival’s return. Lilith remains the only tour of its kind, and we are confident that fans will be amazed by what each date has to offer.”

The reader who sent this tip in blames bad organization, rather than the economy.

I’d heard this might happening, and can’t say I’m all that surprised, although I wonder why they killed every date in Texas, since that’s a pretty big market. A friend wanted to go to the Dallas show, but couldn’t since it was on Monday afternoon. Me and some friends were thinking of trying for the Austin date, but they never announced a venue and ticket prices turned out to be kind of high. My 15-year-old self loved Sarah McLachlan and feels sorry for her, but my 20-something self is just too poor to deal with LiveNation’s crap.

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