Should Parents Be Fined For Smoking With A Kid In The Car?

I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, but I sure inhaled my fair share of my mom’s, dad’s and stepfather’s tobacco when I was a child. Surely one of my earliest developed motor skills was learning how to roll down the window in our Chevy Nova. Now a bill under consideration by the New York State Assembly seeks to put an end to such behavior by fining adults who light up with a child in the vehicle.

The bill would slap a $100 fine on anyone caught smoking in the same vehicle as a child under the age of 14.

Says the State Senator who sponsored the bill:

A child gets in the car where mommy or daddy or Aunt Nancy are smoking and doesn’t have the option of leaving.

I don’t know… The kid could always try to make a break for it at the stoplight.

What do you think of this legislation? Will it do anything to curb smoking around children? Won’t it be difficult to enforce, as cigarettes are easily extinguished and the smoker could claim “I put it out right before I picked up the kid”?

Sound off with your opinions in the comments.

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