Help Wanted: iPhone Antenna Engineer

Those “death grip” antenna problems in the new iPhone? There’s an app for that. As in job application. Apple has posted some ads on the company web site for “Antenna Engineer(s) – iPad/iPhone.” Candidates will be expected to “create test plans, execute them, publish test reports, provide feedback to the other design engineers, and lead some of the manufacturing of antenna.” Does this mean nobody was doing this before? Or that Steve executed his own death grip on the previous holder of this position?

Apple – Jobs at Apple – Search Results [Apple via TUAW]


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  1. cardigan says:

    Too little, too late, it seems. More than anything, Apple needs to engineer a solution to appease the hundreds (thousands?) of customers left with a faulty product. This isn’t like the yellow iMac screen; this is a big-time screwup that’ll be hard to sweep under the rug.

    • Draygonia says:

      I thought 1.7 million were sold? Millions? Yeah, the Iphone may have been sold in mass quantities, but it will also be returned in mass quantities as well.

  2. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    Why would they start worrying about the design quality of their products now? They’ve easily demonstrated that they’ll sell out of anything they put out anyway, regardless of poor design, poor quality, poor features, or ridiculous pricing.

    • user765 says:

      appleTV says hello

      • YouDidWhatNow? says:

        Yeah, that and the Newton. Every once in a while they come up with a product so bad that not even the Macolytes will buy it. Point taken. My comment does apply to stuff they sell that is commercially successful though.

  3. grandzu says:

    What should be an outrage is that Apple was willfully misrepresenting signal strength to make the AT&T reception, service, and coverage, 3G and otherwise, better that it really is.

    • ieatcatastrophe says:

      it shouldn’t be an outrage… because they aren’t, and weren’t, “willfully misrepresenting” anything.

    • pjorg says:

      What are you outraged about? There is no industry standard as to what “five bars” or “one bar” of signal strength indicates. Is it raw power? Is it signal-to-noise? Some combination? Should the bars fluctuate wildly in real-time, or be a rolling average of the past 30 seconds?

      I’m not saying that they did the right thing, but it’s not like we’re talking about them doing something different from what everyone else in the industry has agreed to do.

  4. hypochondriac says:

    I’m surprised something like this wasn’t tested before release. You would expect them to test various ways of holding the device to see if it interferes with signal strength

  5. jessjj347 says:

    I’m sure the previous holders of those positions were let go. I assume that Apple does very rigorous testing of it’s products, so they must have accepted the the whole antenna problem as either a) a defect they were willing to release live b) not a defect at all c) other

  6. jeffbone says:

    “What’s the frequency (,) Steve?”

    Thanks for making my afternoon.

  7. DowneMixedBoi says:

    Just recall the damn iPhone 4 and address Wifi issues with the iPad.

    Stop giving your customers the run around.

    Sent from my iPhone 4

  8. demonicfinger says:

    Apple needs to suck up their pride and just admit to the general consumer that they manufactured and sold a faulty product. They need to be knocked down a notch from their high horse and come clean with a public statement to apologize. Not only that- Apple needs to give some sort of reimbursement to the paying customers! Why are you digging yourself a deeper hole Steve? Why?

  9. DragonThermo says:

    I don’t read the San Jose Mercury News, but I imagine if someone “accidentally” fell out a 9th story window in Cupertino, we’d have heard of it.