Bedbugs Shutter Hollister Store

Nasty bitey bedbugs shut down Hollister’s flagship clothing store in SoHo, New York yesterday. Gothamist reports that the store’s traditional shirtless male greeters are now employed to stand outside and tell would-be shoppers that the store is closed.

The blog also cites an anonymous insider employee as alleging that management knew for weeks about employees being bitten by bedbugs on the Hollister clothing they’re forced to wear around the store, and only just yesterday did they do anything about it.

Bedbugs only feast at night. Part of the Hollister store design is that the store is mostly dark. Connect the dots.

Bedbugs Shut Down Hollister Store in SoHo [Gothamist]

(Photo: Ben Popken – free to share under Creative Commons Attribution license)

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