Bedbugs Shutter Hollister Store

Nasty bitey bedbugs shut down Hollister’s flagship clothing store in SoHo, New York yesterday. Gothamist reports that the store’s traditional shirtless male greeters are now employed to stand outside and tell would-be shoppers that the store is closed.

The blog also cites an anonymous insider employee as alleging that management knew for weeks about employees being bitten by bedbugs on the Hollister clothing they’re forced to wear around the store, and only just yesterday did they do anything about it.

Bedbugs only feast at night. Part of the Hollister store design is that the store is mostly dark. Connect the dots.

Bedbugs Shut Down Hollister Store in SoHo [Gothamist]

(Photo: Ben Popken – free to share under Creative Commons Attribution license)


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  1. Nick1693 says:

    Wouldn’t the poison they call perfume/cologne repel bugs/sane people?

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      You would think the extremely loud, pulsating music would completely oblierate the bedbugs.

  2. danmac says:

    Employee: Ah shit…someone got their crabs all over the clothes…

    Manager: !!! Um…bed bugs! They’re bed bugs! Everyone, the store is closed because there are BED BUGS in the undergarment department, got it?!?

  3. elwood115 says:

    can you provide the link for that picture? I love it!

  4. PupJet says:

    Some people should seriously keep their shirts ON…*Goes blind*

    As for bedbugs, I never shop there anyway. So I guess you get free pets when you shop there now? LOL

  5. ARP says:

    Am I the only one that’s secretly (and now not so secretly) glad this happened to this douchebagorium? I feel bad for the employees (sort-of).

  6. pantheonoutcast says:

    Judging from the types of people I see wearing Hollister, I have trouble believing that these little critters are “bedbugs”. Phthirius pubis, maybe…

  7. ConsumerPop says:

    Isn’t shirtless male greeters a little creepy considering mostly 13 year old girls shop there? (I don’t know..I’ve only been into a Hollister once about 8 years ago…)

    • runchadrun says:

      I thought most of their shoppers were 20-something gay men, in which case they have exactly the right lure to bring them in.

      • GearheadGeek says:

        My perspective may be warped by being a bit older and hanging out with an older crowd, but I’d say a fair chunk of their customers are gay men PRETENDING they’re still 20-something. ;)

      • stopNgoBeau says:

        Thats pretty much the only reason why I go… I don’t shop, I just visit.

    • Buckus says:

      I’ll shop there when they have topless FEMALE greeters…

  8. sirwired says:

    I thought I would point out that Bedbugs, while annoying, aren’t known as transmitters of any disease. Nor are they indicators of unhygienic or dirty conditions.

    In this case, they are however an indicator of management incompetence and cruelty. I wonder if they’ll also have to pay in the end for any employee households infested by these persistent little guys.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      No, but they’re tremendously hard to control and are easily transmitted from location to location. At least Hollister is closing the store while it handles the infestation, rather than try to gloss over it.

      Bedbugs are like the advance party for the zombie invasion.

      • sirwired says:

        If you read the article, it appears they have known about the infestation for some time, and are only now treating the problem; hence my remark about them being incompetent. The proper response would have been to slap down on the infestation right away, which they didn’t.

        • qualia says:

          It might take a few weeks for them to fix, since the store is huge and the critters like to hide everywhere.

    • qualia says:

      Who cares if they’re strictly a health hazard? The mofos leave people with head-to-toe bumpy ugly rashes and are impossible to get rid of. Some people ARE allergic as well.

  9. legolex says:

    This picture is the best!

  10. chaesar says:

    wait, people actually get paid to hang out in front of the store without shirts on?

  11. colorisnteverything says:

    I hope that Hollister also pays to fumigate and take care of the houses of its workers, as those suckers are most DEFINITELY at home now, too. These are not like fleas, you cannot get rid of them easily. Few things are effective.

    • freshestcereal says:

      Getting rid of fleas isn’t a walk in the park either. I moved into a house about a year ago that was infested with them and the owners didn’t bother to mention the flea problem until the day my roommate and I moved in. Apparently the previous renter had a dog and so they said they bombed the room where the dog stayed and that everything was cool. Seeing as how I had no place else to go, I took their word for it and moved in. Lo and behold a week later and my legs are covered in flea bites. My roommate and I bombed the house, vacuumed, and sprayed flea killing shit under the house multiple times to no avail. The only way I got rid of the fleas was to get rid of myself. I moved out of that hellhole after I found an apartment one month later.

      • freelunch says:

        the only effective method I have foudn for fleas is to clean everything, move out as much furniture and fabrics as possible, then bomb* the crap out of the place and don’t return for a few days.

        *flea bomb, or nuclear… tenants choice.

  12. ChuckECheese says:

    This pic is full of chubby win.

  13. Mike says:

    “Bedbugs only feast at night” – that’s not entirely true. They feast when food is available, and like to hide in dark crevices. You’re the most available to bed bugs when you’re sleeping (unmoving for 6 – 8 hours) but they will eat any time they want. And while they’re called bedbugs, they’ll live in damn near anything (like the bass to a 5.1 surround sound system).

    If Hollister knew about this for weeks they’ve got a potential lawsuit on their hands. Any employee who took them home has forcefully, by way of required clothing, had their quality of life diminished. Landlords that don’t resolve bedbug situations can be taken to court, and I imagine Hollister will have similar problems.

    That being said, anyone here a lawyer?

  14. YdoUthinkURright says:

    That chubby dude in the pic had to be there to make a statement, joke or whatever. That’s really funny! I do agree with one of the other comments before this. Having shirtless guys stand in front of a store seems a bit creepy when your’e walking by their It’s stores.

    Also, what if I open a store and want women to stand outside with no tops on…would that be ok too?

  15. brianisthegreatest says:

    That picture is hilarious. The manager should have done something about this sooner if they knew about it. I guess their job is to keep the store going though, so I’m sure he was in an interesting position..

  16. Sanshie says:

    Get yer bed bug proof mattress encasement at If you live in the NYC area you WILL get them sooner or later. It’s an epidemic.

    • Fantoche_de_Chaussette says:

      Regrettably, mattress covers do NOTHING to prevent a bedbug infestation. ‘Bedbugs’ is just a name: the critters will happily live anywhere they can find a dark crevice. Headboards, nightstands, baseboards, walls, sofas, and closets are all very satisfactory bedbug residences.

      The only time a mattress cover might be useful is if you’re bringing a used mattress into your home (and even then, you’d have to carefully wrap the mattress before you brought it home).