Like Juice Boxes For Winos: Single-Serve Wine Glasses

Have you ever looked at a glass of wine and thought, “I really wish someone would make wine in sealed, single-serve cups”? Well, apparently your fairy bartender was listening, because a man in the UK has come up with the biggest innovation in wine since Whitesnake announced their hot-tub-ready zinfandel.

Called Le Froglet, the idea was first brought to national attention in Great Britain on the business-related reality show Dragon’s Den, where the panel of experts laughed him off stage.

But it’s the cup-o-wine’s inventor, James Nash, who’s having the last laugh. Le Froglet is now being sold at UK retail chain Marks & Spencer, where it’s become quite popular with the thirsty customers.

Says a rep from M&S:

We think that they are proving popular with people who want to perhaps enjoy the summer with a glass of wine in the park as part of an impromptu picnic – either after work or for a relaxing lunch.

They are also popular with commuters who want to enjoy a drink on the train home from work to wind down. We have found that they are very popular in locations popular with tourists.

Le Froglet is being sold in Shiraz, Rose, and Chardonnay. Each 187 ml glass sells for around $3.33.

Is this something we need to see stateside? What’s next — individual tequila shooters?

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