4 Years And 2 Trials Later, The $1.92 Million RIAA Case Continues

Remember Jammie Thomas-Rasset? She was accused of sharing 24 songs on Kazaa in 2006. Two trials and four years later, the case still isn’t over. They’re now trying to avoid a third trial.

The latest word: After the second trial awarded the RIAA $1.92 million, a judge lowered the amount to $54,000. The RIAA said they would accept $25,000. Ms. Thomas-Rasset said she would pay nothing.

“There is nothing we have to offer they would be willing to accept,” her attorney said. Wired says he added that Thomas-Rasset might agree to settle for the statutory minimum $750 a track.

First RIAA File Sharing Trial Morphs Into Groundhog Day [Wired]

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