Burger King Employee Busted For Drugging Sandwiches

Anyone who has ever eaten too much Burger King has probably felt a bit sleepy afterward. But for at least two BK customers in Jacksonville, FL, that sensation might have come from the fact that their fast food had been spiked with prescription painkillers.

Two unrelated Burger King customers notified authorities after discovering blue pills in their food — a chicken sandwich and a fish filet. The pills turned out to be hydrocodone, a prescription painkiller.

Police found that both sandwiches had been made by the same 20-year-old BK employee, who has since pleaded guilty to two charges of poisoning food with intent to kill or injure someone.

He was sentenced to five years in state prison. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get a job in the cafeteria.

Popping pills into Burger King sandwiches gets Jacksonville man 5 years in prison [Jacksonville.com]

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