T-Mobile Fixes Broken Arbitration Opt-Out Site Our Reader Spotted

A little over two weeks ago, tipped by reader Chan, we told you about how buried in T-Mobile’s online terms and conditions is a way to opt-out of their mandatory binding arbitration clause, but unfortunately the website where you were supposed to do it was down. We gave their PR guy a heads up and now the site, www.t-mobiledisputeresolution.com, is online.

Unfortunately, you still are only able to take advantage of it if you opt-out within 30 days of signing a new contract. Guess that’s the next thing to work on.

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  1. riku256 says:

    Does AT&T/Cingular has the same option?

  2. Blious says:

    I always love sites and their “broken” opt-out pages

    Funny how that happens when everything else works. I wish there was someone to FINE heavily these companies that are defrauding people with that type of policy

  3. rlee says:

    Thanks! Just switched to T-Mo a week ago. Of course, since I’m just on a pre-pay — I’m quite sure I didn’t get asked for my SSN or birthdate in the first place — it was probably unnecessary…