Publix Takes Moldy Garlic Even More Seriously Than You Do

Ian and his family love garlic, but he tells Consumerist that his favored Publix store seemed to have trouble stocking garlic that wasn’t either moldy or sprouted. Neither of these are good qualities for fresh garlic, so Ian e-mailed the chain’s corporate office about the situation. Eventually, he received a response with an almost Wegmans-like level of class and problem-solving.

Hey guys,

For a while now I had noticed that our local Publix had a big problem with one particular item: Garlic. Almost 100% of the time I bought garlic at one particular location, it was either molded or had already sprouted (which gives the garlic a bad flavor). My family loves garlic and I didn’t want to have to go to a completely different store just for one item, so I emailed the corporate office.

I initially got the generic customer response email:

Thank you for your email. We appreciate our customers taking the time to contact us. We apologize for the disappointment and inconveniences we may have caused you. We have forwarded your concern to our store manager for further review.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If we can be of any further assistance regarding this matter, please either call our Consumer Relations toll-free number at 1-800-242-1227, write us at the Publix Super Markets Corporate Office, PO Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802, ATTN: Consumer Relations, or contact us at our website, and mention your reference number, # [redacted].



I thought that would be the end of it, and my garlic plight would go unnoticed.
But a few days later, I received an email from the store manager of that specific location. Not only did he acknowledge the problem, but he took the time to investigate himself and confirm what I had discovered.


Thank you for your email. We appreciate our customers taking the time to contact us. We apologize for the disappointment and inconveniences we may have caused you. We have forwarded your concern to our store manager for further review. Our manager has responded with the following response,

Ian, please accept my apology for the poor quality of garlic in our produce department. I inspected it personally on Sunday, June 13th and found what you described. I addressed this opportunity with my produce team and they will do a better job in the future of making sure we only offer the highest quality of product for you to purchase. I discarded what we had on Sunday and a fresh case was ordered and arrived on our truck Monday morning. Thank you for taking the time to point out this opportunity to us. Please allow me the opportunity to earn back your business and confidence. I take personal responsibility for product freshness and quality in my store. I would like to apologize to you in person. Please stop by and introduce yourself the next time you are in your [redacted] Publix.

Thank you,
[name redacted]

[phone number]


Dumped their stock and ordered fresh? Cool. Would like to apologize in person? Wow. Pretty classy.


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  1. kompeitou says:

    Just pop a mint before you head over for the apology. =)

  2. Bativac says:

    So THAT’S why people go to Publix instead of the local Winn-Dixie.

    • davere says:

      You got it. Everyone is always wonderful there. I’ve never had a negative experience at a Publix.

    • Science is for girls! says:

      Absolutely! Every time I’ve had a problem at Publix (which is rarely), it has been dealt with with this kind of response. I could save money doing my grocery shopping at Wal-mart, but I’m at Publix every single week.

      • ospreyguy says:

        Right on it! There are several different options for me, including super target, winn dixie, super wal-mart, and others all with in 3 miles. Publix is my choice 95% of the time!

        • damaskus says:

          Publix is actually more out of my way than Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Food World and Sam’s, but I’m still there every week.

        • JackieEggs says:

          Fernandina ?

        • Rossaroni says:

          That does sound like Fernandina!
          The Winn-Dixie in our area has a seriously neglected beer section. By that, I mean some of the brews have been expired for over a year.

    • subtlefrog says:

      Plus, when I lived in Miami, the Publix was clean, and the Winn Dixie was so filthy that everyone I knew was too terrified to set foot in it. It still skeeves me out.

    • lyllydd says:

      Er, yeah, that and cleanliness, fresh meats, fresh produce, and a decent selection of everything else. You know, the stuff that’s out of the range Winn Dixie’s comprehension and budget.

  3. diddy0071 says:

    Run by Vampires!

  4. danmac says:

    I agree…very classy response. And to those of you who have trouble getting and keeping fresh garlic, consider minced or chopped garlic in a jar…Christopher Ranch, a major distributor in Gilroy, CA, makes a very good product that works as well as the real thing in sauces and such.

    • brandy says:


      • danmac says:

        Oops…I should have said “almost”…if you’re a gourmand who doesn’t mind going to the store and buying fresh garlic whenever you want to make delicious food, by all means. As a rule, fresh is always going to be better, but sometimes that difference is only incremental (frozen vs. fresh peas, for example).

        • koalabare says:

          Frozen peas taste dramatically different from non-frozen peas…

          I don’t have anything against frozen foods, but I think there is a huge difference in frozen veggies.

      • uberbitter says:

        I used to think this was sacrilegious, but these days a quality brand bought in small amounts performs as well as fresh if you’re going to chop or mince it anyway and cook it. The key is using it up quickly after opening. I’ve split recipes in half and tried both and there isn’t really a noticeable difference once it’s cooked.

    • mythago says:

      Their fresh garlic is also pretty awesome.

    • Brunette Bookworm says:

      I’ve tried it and whatever they use in the minced stuff to make it keep bugs my stomach and smells weird to me. I was able to find peeled cloves of garlic briefly and those were fine but the store doesn’t carry them anymore.

    • stormbird says:

      They usually put vinegar or something else in it to make it not rot, so there’s a change in the flavor, which is slight but still there.

  5. Vanilla5 says:

    Publix does have amazing produce, especially apples. I grew up in St. Louis and it reminds me of Dierberg’s. Well done, Publix.

  6. William Mize says:

    As a faithful Publix shopper, I must say, that more often than not, Publix DOES get it right.
    This is a great story to just reaffirm that.
    Well played, Publix. Well played.

  7. odarkshineo says:

    wow thats awesome

  8. the Persistent Sound of Sensationalism says:

    Finally a response from a business that doesn’t point fingers somewhere else or dismiss the complaint outright!

  9. coren says:

    It’s funny that you link to that CR bit about Wegmans…as Publix is listed as another store that just nails the customer service

  10. LuckyLady says:

    Publix is an incredible store. I no longer shop anywhere else. If there’s a problem with something, it’s fixed–no questions asked, no judgmental eye rolls, nothing.

    • nsv says:

      In all the years I’ve shopped at Publix, I’ve had one problem that was worth complaining about. It wasn’t a serious problem. The manager I spoke with apologized and insisted on replacing the item with a more expensive one. He also told me he’d speak with the department head in the morning.

      I was actually a little concerned–I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble over it. He promised that wouldn’t happen.

      I drive past a Sweetbay and sometimes a Super Target to go to Publix.

  11. DangerMouth says:

    This is refreshing, considering I just came from the “Carls Jr says Fuck You” thread.

  12. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    As a garlic enthusiast, I applaud Publix for its efforts to keep a good stock of fresh garlic. Mmmm garlic, one of the most divine foods known to man.

  13. FatLynn says:

    I think this also underscores the point about how most consumers are not looking for some kind of payout, they just want the issue fixed. We are all impressed with this response, and it didn’t cost the store a thing (though I wouldn’t be surprised if the manager gives Ian some kind of discount when they actually meet).

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      Well it cost them the thrown out garlic, but that’s a small price to pay for customer loyalty.

      • FatLynn says:

        Oh, right, I mean that they didn’t have to give Ian coupons or refunds or anything like that.

  14. lehrdude says:

    …where shopping is a pleasure!

  15. CMPalmer says:

    Publix is our supermarket of choice (it helps that it’s about a mile away). I was in the produce department with my son and I went to get some limes. I came back and said, “Well, I was going to get limes, but they were all kinda hard and dried up.”

    The produce stocker two bins over heard me, came over and apologized, went in the back and came back with a box of fresh limes, gave me my pick from the box, then dumped all of the ones on display and restocked them and I wasn’t even complaining to him (I had no idea he could even hear me).

    They will also graciously special order any food item they don’t normally stock and call you when it comes in (they always order a case or so and put them in special section – if they sell well, they’ll start stocking them regularly).

    My only complaint is the meat department – selection is OK and the butchers are friendly and will cut whatever you want, but the quality isn’t great IMHO.

    • YOXIM says:

      I have to disagree with you. The meat department is just about the only reason I go to Publix. Having worked there for six years, I’ve kinda had my fill of the place, much like anyone who’s ever worked a shitty retail job. I actually worked in the meat department, and left the company on less-than-great terms with the management, but I still shop there. : )

      I won’t buy meat/steaks anywhere else. I’ve checked out other retailers, even an independent butcher shop, and no one even comes close. Maybe it’s different in your area, but in my experience, Publix steaks are the shit.

      • Saltillopunk says:

        I second your opinion. My wife and I have seemed to taken on a gypsy life these past 2 years. At one point we were in Florida where we split our shopping between Publix and (dare I admit?) Walmart. There was the occasional trip to Sweetbay as well. We have found Publix to have some of the best meat selection of all the various grocery stores we have shopped at, short of going to a butcher or specialty store. My wife even worked part time at Sweetbay for a short stint. Internally they acknowledged that the meat selection at Publix was better. It would be really great to have them in our current location.

    • erinpac says:

      Really? Special order huh?

      Hm… I think whenever I like an item it disappears.

    • 6a says:

      When I lived in South Carolina, I really missed Skyline Chili (I know, I know.) I mentioned that to a friend while in a Publix and one of the assistant managers overheard me. He came over and offered to special order some, and ever after I never had to go wanting for my fix.

      Another thing I noticed about them, and it may have just been my local store, but they didn’t use kids as cashiers.

  16. aja175 says:

    When I move from Buffalo to San Francisco one of the things I’ll miss most is Wegmans. It’s always been a pleasant shopping experience for me.

  17. MamaBug says:

    I worked at the Publix bakery when I was pregnant (huuuge mistake, lemme tell ya!) and they were the ONLY place that hired me, as I was about 5 months along. This is an AWESOME place to work, and an even better place to shop. Everyone is friendly, and mistakes are taken seriously. I wish one was closer to me, since we’ve moved.

  18. Amnesiac85 says:

    I love Publix. My favorite supermarket. Kroger is starting to catch on and mimic Publix style, but Publix still remains awesome.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      I wish Kroger would catch on around here. We have four supermarket chains near me: Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, and Whole Foods. The service at Whole Foods is generally good but their prices are insane so I go there only for items I can’t get anywhere else. Tom Thumb is that magical combination of expensive AND surly so I don’t go there often. Kroger is cheaper but surlier, but is cheaper enough that I grudgingly put up with the surliness though it has gotten much worse of late. Sprouts is that perfect combo of good service and good prices but as it is a health food chain it doesn’t have a lot of common grocery items. Its produce is very good though, and VERY cheap.

      Wish we had great prices AND great service all in the same chain. I’d be a customer for life.

      • Javin says:

        My favorite is Super-H Mart. Their produce/meats are insanely expensive (about half that of the local Safeway) and they carry *everything*. The only problem is it’s an asian supermarket, and I can’t read the labels on most of the stuff. Thank God for the android’s translator.

  19. mocass says:

    Publix is hands down one of the best grocery stores. We lived in Florida at one point and Publix was such a nice change. The customer service is amazing. After moving away to NY we really missed it. They have a way of picking the best people to employ and the stores are very clean.

  20. Big Mama Pain says:

    Sorry, have to get my food nerd on. If they are storing the garlic in the warehouse (or out on the floor) too close to the potatoes, it will cause the garlic to sprout (it will also sprout the potatoes, and same goes for onions). The mold is likely because it is being stored in an area of the warehouse that is too cold and/or humid. I can also picture the 16 year old stock-person just dumping new garlic on top of old garlic in the display bin instead of putting the old up front and the new in the back.

  21. Weighted Companion Cube says:

    Publix is an awesome grocery store chain. I wish they had them here in NC.

  22. psikic says:

    I would visit the manager like he mentioned. There might be a gift card or free garlic in store for you.

  23. techstar25 says:

    I don’t know how Publix does it, to be honest. I keep expecting them to nosedive, but they seem to be getting better. Wal-Mart can’t touch them when it comes to groceries.

  24. what? says:

    My wife had a world-class incident at Publix recently. She was waiting in line to check out. Three registers were going and each were three customers deep. A Publix employee called to her to let her know that another queue was about to open but by the time she got situated to get there, it too was three customers deep. The store manager himself, executive shirt and tie no less, came up to my wife and escorted her to the last unopened register and unloaded her basket for her. An assistant manager rang up her goods while the store manager bagged the groceries. All the while, they were talking and being friendly. This further bolsters our reasoning as to why we shop at Publix.

  25. swarrior216 says:

    This is why I shop at Publix. They take care of their customers like a company should do. Their bakery is phenomenal and I have never had a problem with them. If they don’t have a certain product that you want. You can talk to a manager and they will order it for you.

  26. scoccaro says:

    I love everything about publix. Their staff (at mine anyway) is always nice and friendly and usually remember me. Their sandwiches are the best and it is the only supermarket I will buy meat from (as opposed to a butcher). They always have the best weekly specials too. Go Publix!

  27. Chaosium says:

    South Floridians love Publix, and for good reason. They’re clean, fairly cheap, and good for the community. While I’m now on the West Coast and appreciating QFCs (and esp. Trader Joe’s), I still like Publix as a “brand”.

  28. Tom Servo says:

    Publix … come to Memphis. We need an alternative to Kroger, Schnucks, and (*grumble*) Wal-Mart.

  29. evnmorlo says:

    All of the onions or garlic I buy seem to be already or on the verge of being moldy or sprouted. I doubt Publix can live up to their promise.

  30. stebu says:

    Publixes (Publixi?) are generally great. The one GLARING exception is the one in Kissimmee, FL on Route 192 right by Disney. It is awful.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      the one by the premium outlets? when i started working at disney in 1997 it was a goodings [oh goodings, how i miss thee] and got bought by winn dixie when goodings went under several years later. soooo.. i’m thinking winn dixie ruined it for all time?

  31. smo0 says:

    This is how things like this used to be addressed – many people seem to have fallen off of this simple Q and A response to things. Quality customer service: don’t ignore, don’t just apologize, fix the issue!
    100% Happy patrons.

  32. SBinVA says:

    Now I want a Publix in my area. It sounds like the closest we have in VA is Kroger, since the local grocery empire was bought out by Martin’s, who have nicer stores and better products than Food Lion but are on par or lower in the service arena based on my only 2 experiences thus far.

  33. Dallas_shopper says:

    Nice! Know what would be even better? Some free garlic…y’know…just to show how sorry they are. ;-)

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I hear there was recently a box of garlic in the dumpster behind a Publix somewhere :)

      • Dallas_shopper says:

        I’m so there. Not. ;-)

        There’s not a Publix within 1,000 miles of here I bet. :-(

    • larkknot says:

      Actually I’m kind of surprised they weren’t given a gift card. If you complain directly to management at a store, they usually will.

  34. Caffiend says:

    I got some bad meat at our local Nugget supermarket. My wife called to complain, and was sent a $40 coupon and the meat department manager gave us two top shelf steaks that were $10 each, gratis. Renewed our faith it that store.

  35. Endless Mike says:

    This doesn’t really surprise me. Being a former Florida resident, Publix is one of the things I miss the most. The only supermarket chain that really matches them is (as you alluded to), Wegman’s.

  36. woahmelly says:

    I love Publix. I don’t think I could live in an area without one.

  37. madtube says:

    After using Publix for 8 years, I got spoiled by them so bad. Now that we live in NJ, the local markets are just downright pathetic. Last weekend, I drove over an hour to the Cherry Hill Wegmans just to get some decent quality meat. I never thought I would miss Publix.

    Or their subs… I think it is time to take a vacation back to FL just to get a Publix sub.

    • ForrestWhitakersLazyEye says:

      YES! Another Publix sub lover. They are amazing.

      And yes, I lived in Florida for 18 years with a plentiful amount of Publix’s…now I’ve been in NY 6 years, and I still miss them.

    • mbz32190 says:

      Never had a Publix subs but the ones they make at Wegmans are STUFFED and delicious

    • ahleeeshah says:

      I had my first one this weekend. I couldn’t decide between a sub and some chicken tenders, so I got the chicken tender sub. It was AMAZING!

  38. uberbitter says:

    All these comments make me which we had Publix in NJ. My friend, whose family is in the south, is catering her parents anniversary party through Publix, saying it’s just as good if not better than caterers, and much cheaper. Amazing.

  39. lawgirl502 says:

    Lived in NY-Yes, Wegman’s is the best. Lived in FL, Publix is pretty good. Now in CA, Ralphs….not so bad.

  40. jpjj225 says:

    I had a problem one time at publix. Some lady making my sub was giving me serious attitude about everything, straight up being mean to me. I sent them an email because it was their grand opening and I didn’t want them to lose customers. Not only did the store manager call me to apologize, but also offered to buy me a sub next time I came in. By far the best customer service I have ever had.

  41. hennese says:

    I had a complaint like that once – but it was actually a compliment. I emailed Chick-fil-a about a+ service we had at the one in the food court by us and the manager said the same thing .. thank you, come see me next time you are in. I did, and he bought lunch for my entire family. Very cool.

  42. nsv says:

    In all the years I’ve shopped at Publix, I’ve had one problem that was worth complaining about. It wasn’t a serious problem. The manager I spoke with apologized and insisted on replacing the item with a more expensive one. He also told me he’d speak with the department head in the morning.

    I was actually a little concerned–I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble over it. He promised that wouldn’t happen.

    I drive past a Sweetbay and sometimes a Super Target to go to Publix.

  43. Javin says:

    “I addressed this opportunity with my produce team”
    “Thank you for taking the time to point out this opportunity to us.”

    This is my only problem with this. This was not an “opportunity.” It was an ISSUE. Calling it an “opportunity” is just a stupid PC buzzword so you can try and spin it to make yourself feel better about it. You’re not fooling anyone, and you sound like a moron talking like this. I hate corporate jargon like this with a passion.

    According to the dictionary, the definition of “Opportunity” is as follows:
    1 : a favorable juncture of circumstances
    2 : a good chance for advancement or progress

    There is nothing “favorable” about rotting garlic. 1 is out. 2 – it is not a “good chance for advancement or progress” it’s a chance for you FIX your LACK of progress or advancement.

    You do not go to a burning house and say “Wow, look at all the opportunity!”

    Quit with the bullshit some moron dreamed up in some half-assed corporate class.

    • Javin says:

      As a side note, all the comments make ME want a “Publix” around here, too. :( Our Wegmann’s is full of rude, self righteous jerks, VERY skinny aisles making me feel claustrophobic, and high prices, even for the D.C. area.

  44. Sanshie says:

    We love Publix! Their employees are without fail the nicest, most attentive people. You can tell Publix is a corporation that treats their employees well. The bakery folks know my husband by name (maybe he’s there a little too often?) and are so apologetic if they don’t have what he’s looking for. Plus, my 10 year old son couldn’t survive without White Mountain Bread!

    Whenever we stop at Kroger for the odd item it really brings it home. Kroger is the home of sullen, resentful employees and if you’re not using self checkout you’re there forever.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      Thank you! Oh my god…their checkers are the WORST. Lately I have resorted to going to Kroger late on a Wednesday or Thursday night so I can take a big heaping cart of groceries through the self-checkout without being hassled. Last night, that didn’t even work as I think other people have come to the same conclusion about Kroger’s “service”. I had to stand in the only non self-checkout line open as the self-checkout line Nazi noticed that I had 100 items instead of

      On a positive note, I did get to bag my own groceries while my cashier filed her long, curling fake nails. That’s actually a pleasure, as usually I arrive home with crushed groceries from the incompetent bagging. I’ve written 2 e-mails to corporate and spoken to the manager about it and it has only gotten worse. I think at this point my only option is to take my business elsewhere. Kroger SUCKS.

  45. Jemaine says:

    I like our local Publix too; it’s the only “normal” grocery store on the way to Walmart; so if I can’t get it at Publix, I get it at Walmart. The only problem that I have with Publix is that they are never open late. Most grocery stores are open till 10 or 11pm, but I think Publix closes at 7pm or 8pm, not good when one has a late night craving ;)

  46. tasselhoff76 says:

    Publix often does stuff like that.

  47. Brunette Bookworm says:

    Well I’m a bit jealous. Garlic quality at stores around me seems to have gone way down. I don’t think anyone at the stores would care enough to respond like Publix did. Good for them.

    Wonder what’s going on with the nation’s garlic supply that it’s all either sprouted or moldy. Anyone have ideas?

  48. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Awww I want a Publix now! :(

  49. suburbancowboy says:

    That opportunity was very nice opportunity. you should thank him for the opportunity to meet him opportunity,.

  50. suburbancowboy says:

    How funny would it be if by ” I would like to apologize to you in person. Please stop by and introduce yourself the next time you are in your [redacted] Publix” He really means, “Come by and say hi, so I can kick your ass in the parking lot. You got me in trouble ya jerk.”

  51. bellabell says:

    Publix is an awesome store and I shop there every week. The best store to come to our neck of the woods in a very long time.

    I did just give them a call for a special order of the new Snapple flavor and they were happy to take the order over the phone.

    It is nice to see excellent customer service in action – been so long I almost forgot it still existed!

  52. beachfront says:

    I live in Florida and absolutely hate Publix because they continue to stock their stores with non food related items and the store management and corporate in Lakeland just blow their customers off when they complain about them.

    My main issue with Publix is at Thanksgiving and Christmas time they fill all the stores with Cinnamon sticks. They even put them near the checkout lines. The cinnamon sticks seriously affect my allergies and I cannot breathe around them. Management at the stores and corporate in Lakeland totally blew me off and the other people that complained about them. Even the cashiers who are stuck around them hate them. More than one cashier told me she was going home every night with a headache from them. We even suggested they put them somewhere in the store where they could be avoided.

    The only reason you got the response that you did is because it is food related.

  53. ekdikeo says:

    The fact that that level of service amazes people is sad.

  54. Dalsnsetters says:

    I love Publix. They are completely awesome.

    I love that this guy steps up to the plate and accepts full responsibility for what is sold through his produce department. Well played, sir. Very well played.

    (It also helps that Publix empowers their employees to do something like discarding all of the garlic…)

  55. Hatter of Honolulu says:

    Wow! This makes me wish they had a Publix here in Hawaii!

  56. frob23 says:

    I also love Publix. A long time ago, I was there and had a problem in the deli. I was basically ignored while the workers ignored the number system and served the people standing closest to the counter. It wasn’t very busy and I did get helped but I was waiting a good 10 minutes. I know, it’s not the end of the world. But I felt it needed to be brought to their attention. So I wrote and told them about the service. I failed to leave any contact information except my name.

    The manager of the store tracked down and called my father (identical names) in an attempt to personally apologize to me. He eventually got in touch with me through my father and was very apologetic. He assured me that he had talked with the deli about the procedures and stressed with them how important it was to make every customer feel welcomed. Publix actually has a policy where a worker is supposed to greet a person in their department within a certain time period… I know because my sister works there as well.

    In the same email, I had complimented the cashier that I had. I told the store that he had really gone out of his way to make sure everything was rung up quick and he had a great attitude. I gave them his name and explained how he was an example of what their service was usually like. The next time I was in his lane, he saw me… recognized me… and thanked me for the compliment. He said his manager went out of the way to let him know what I had told them.

    The basic point is… Publix takes their customer service (pro and con) very seriously. They really do strive to be the best and make every customer feel welcome. I worked there myself, years ago, and knew this at the time. But I had forgotten how seriously they took it until they reminded me as a customer. It’s one reason I am very loyal and do 95% of all my shopping at their stores.

  57. joe80x86 says:

    It is amazing what they do. We actually complained because the closest store to us is continuously out of Lactaid milk. Well the manager actually came buy our house to personally apologize and drop off a free gallon of milk. I was absolutely flabbergasted. So yeah we shop Publix. And after about a month the store actually managed to start stocking more of the milk.

  58. Shonky McShonk says:

    Reply letter writer of big corp co.
    take notice.

  59. kylere1 says:

    I wish they operated stores in my city.

  60. Hands says:

    As a single man I have no reason to keep food in the house when MY Publix is a mile away and three others are within three miles. I basically use them as my pantry.I go there so often that if I don’t show up one day they call me to make sure I’m ok.

  61. bishophicks says:

    I get to shop at Publix when we visit my mother in law in Florida. I love the place.

    Publix regularly makes the various “Best Places to Work” lists. Employees are stockholders, empowered to take action to fix problems and satisfy customers (as illustrated by this story), stores are clean and well stocked, and they pay pretty well, considering (it is a grocery store after all).

  62. Senchou says:

    This is why I always go to Publix when I have control over the shopping, which is a lot more often. Great service, quality stuff, and they always have buy one get one free sales. Not to mention the Aprons cooking stand. Those little sample things they give out are tasty.

    I think the secret to the great service is the fact that Publix employees actually enjoy working there. I have quite a few friends who worked in Publix or still do, and they always rave about it. Happy employees are more likely to make sure customers are also happy.