Southwest Celebrates 39th Birthday With $39 Fares

Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t look a day over 35, is celebrating its 39th birthday this week with a 3-day sale, offering fares as low as $39 each way for travel between Sept. 8 and Nov. 17.

While most fares on the list are either $79 each way or $119 each way, here’s a sampling of a hadful of the $39/way fares they list on their site:
Baltimore to Boston
Baltimore to New York City
Boston to Philadelphia
Burbank to Las Vegas
Chicago to Nashville
Detroit to St. Louis
Las Vegas to L.A.
Las Vegas to San Francisco
L.A. to Tucson
Minneapolis to St. Louis
NYC to Raleigh/Durham
Oakland to San Diego
And a bunch of others

In order to take advantage of the discounts, you’ll need to book by 11:59pm PST on June 24 and travel between September 8 through November 17, 2010. And it looks like you can’t get the discounts if you plan to travel on a Friday or Sunday.

To see the complete list of fares by city, go to


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  1. smo0 says:

    Sometimes, I love living in Las Vegas with wine-collecting-aunts in Los Angeles.

  2. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    ….but who really wants to fly Southwest?

    • idip says:

      I have four flights already booked for the rest of the year.

      I’m not fat, so I haven’t had any problems with them yet!


      Too bad none of them were taking advantage of this promotion.

    • grebby says:

      Anyone checking a bag.

    • Foil says:

      I’ve flown Southwest many times and have found them to be great. I’ve also had a few flights on Alaska and they seem to be pretty decent to. So in other words, I’d be happy to.

  3. AlexTNOA says:

    $200 (fares + taxes and fees) for a weekend for 2 away is a great deal – if you happen to find someplace interesting to go from your origin city.

    • Beeker26 says:

      This. Looking at the list, the $39 fares don’t go anywhere of interest and are all very close. Even a moderate distance flight runs $240 r/t “on sale”, which is no better than any other airline. Nothing to see here, move on.

  4. billbillbillbill says:

    Just booked my trip from Utah to Orlando! Been waiting for something like this!

    For those Southwest haters, not sure what the beef is. If you check in early, you get the pick of the litter for seats. No baggage fees, and pretty friendly workers compared to other airlines. I have flied across the country multiple times on many carriers and Southwest is at the top.

  5. darklighter says:

    It looks like Virgin is matching Southwest’s prices on routes they share. I’m seeing SAN to SFO for $39 on their website.

  6. Pryde987 says:

    I’m predicting the comments on this page will be divided between two camps.

    One camp likes transparency in price and wants to fly as cheaply as possible.

    The other camp probably doesn’t pay for bags on other airlines anyway (reward programs) and wants to fly comfortably.

    Personally, I dislike Southwest. If I recall correctly, my last SW flight saw me check in 8 minutes after spots in line were released and I ended up in the middle of the B-section. The only good part about flying them is that I live in Orange County and it’s about 15 minutes from the parking lot to the gate.

  7. jvanbrecht says:

    Who flies from Baltimore to Philly… its a 2 hour drive, even with traffic sometimes.. it would take longer than that to get to the airport, go through security, board, take off, land, exit airport, then try to find transport to wherever (whether its a rental car or taxi…)

    • nojok3 says:

      Philly is a major hub. If you’re someone who wants to fly to somewhere that the cheapest flight is from Philly, its an advantage.

      Could you drive? Depends on if you want to drive. Is it cost efficient? Most likely.

  8. foofish says:

    I can fly to Pittsburgh for about a hundred bucks.I could also drive there and come out ahead in time and money. Lame.

  9. Ophelia says:

    I really miss the days of $39 flights from Chicago to Long island… $79 is the best I’ve seen in a while, but still a far cry from their sales circa 2006 or so.

  10. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    “This portion of the Southwest Airlines website is undergoing maintenance and is currently unavailable. Please try again later. “

    What do you mean THIS portion? It’s the BOOKING portion!
    Reminds me of the time at KFC when the cashier innocently asked the line “is anyone here for chicken?” – they had run out and only had fries & drinks.

  11. MsFab says:

    Why does Minneapolis only have 1 $39 fare, and its to St Louis? Booo Southwest.

  12. Donathius says:

    Why do fares in/out of Salt Lake City suck so badly? It’s not like it’s a little podunk airport. It’s a major hub for Delta, and Southwest has tons of flights out of there daily. In some cases it’s cheaper overall for me to drive 4 hours to Las Vegas than it is to fly out of Salt Lake.

    It’s actually cheaper to fly from LA to NYC than from Salt Lake to any bay area airport.

  13. calico says:

    This would be awesome for the San Diego conference I have to go to in November… if any of the cities near me were on the list with flights to San Diego. :(

  14. HeatherLynn30 says:

    Fares to SFO from LAX suck, too. I can’t believe it costs that much ($150-$200) to fly up there – it’s cheaper to drive. Sadly, that means I rarely can afford to visit home unless I want to take extra vacation time and drive in order to do it. This deal got me all excited until I saw the restrictions.

    Sorry, mom! Maybe next time.

  15. p. observer says:

    that sounds like a good deal except for the fact that i get employees relative passes for $55 roundtrip anywhere as long as i fly standby