Palm Holds Fire Sale, Almost All Apps Half Off

Palm, which is a smartphone company that is not Apple, has halved the prices of almost all apps in its U.S. app store until July 9th. Although I called it a fire sale, mocoNews thinks maybe it’s a way for HP to “say that Palm devices are here to stay.” Either way, if your phone uses Palm’s webOS then this is a great time to pick up some apps at a big discount.

“Palm Cuts Price Of Apps In Half” [mocoNews]


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  1. smo0 says:

    I found my OLD palm from 2001. Should I get a new one? Thoughts comments?

    • perfectly_cromulent says:

      the newer palm systems look totally different than the old ones, however still quite easy to get used to. they’re not “blazing fast”, but totally get the job done if you want a smartphone!

    • sonneillon says:

      If you just found it. You were not really using it that much to begin with.

    • nyCecilia says:

      Think these things’ll work on my US Robotics Pilot from 1997?

  2. Scutter says:

    I still use my Zire72(3rd replacement battery, whoo-hoo), I have no use for Palm since they started making cell phones only. I just want a small pocketable device to read ebooks, minor spreadsheet or calculator work or maybe (in future with the next device) sometime connect online at Starbucks or McDonalds. My cheap no feature Tracfone is my cell phone. I don’t want to rack up fees for texting or internet thru my cell phone provider. I don’t want to play complex games on a screen I can hardly see in sunlight! I think Palm is slowly sinking into history. I keep expecting to hear stock liquidation or that their headquarters building was sold today.


  3. fantomesq says:

    I think firesale is a good bet… half off all apps does not spell confidence. It spells liquidation…

  4. cardigan says:

    I like to imagine that in announcing this fire sale, Palm’s president rolled around on the floor belting out “Amazing Grace”.

  5. sirwired says:

    This isn’t a way to say “that Palm devices are here to stay”; it’s a way to say: “Unless we crazy-subsidize app purchases, we can’t think of a single reason to get this phone instead of an Android or iPhone!”

  6. bdcw says:

    What’s a “Palm Pilot?”

  7. krom says:

    And at half off, those Palm apps are probably still more than twice as expensive as comparable Android apps.

    One of the main reasons why Palm failed. (Another was giving an increasing share over time of its hardware platforms over to a competing OS. Another was failing to release Garnet and instead releasing reverse-incompatible WebOS.)

  8. Bush2012 says:

    Phone has the best UI in the industry, is relatively cheap, and incredibly easy to use. Great web browsing and a decent amount of apps, because who really needs 30,000 applications when you might download 2-3 a month?

    Also has a great community around it; lots of modifications and hacking, which Palms sees as a-okay, unlike some other phone manufactures who believe you are a criminal if you try to customize your phone in any way.

    Also, Palm liquidating? Hello, they are part of HP. Why do so many people on the internet feel the absolute need to spout off their ignorant, uneducated view on every single topic? Everyone is an expert in everything on the internet.

  9. GadgetsAlwaysFit says:

    I have had an iPhone, a WInMo, a Palm Pre, and now an Android based phone. I liked the Palm WebOS the best so far. I am still hoping for a larger handset with WebOS and if one is released, I will happily go back to them. It was a very well thought out design. The multi-tasking was well done. Loved the touchstone charger. Just need a little bigger form factor.

  10. Speedstr says:

    I wouldn’t call it a firesale per say. The apps are half off, but Palm is giving the developers the difference in the sale (as if the price was full) when an app is purchased.

    If you’re thinking of getting a new Palm Pre (plus), you should do it mainly for the WebOS they’ve developed. I’m not saying the hardware is crap, but a year-old phone wont stack up to the new phones that are coming out this year. Palm hinted at a new phone coming out, but not for another estimated 12 months.

    I’m up for a new phone upgrade, but I’m hesitant to do so, because of the WebOS is that good, and the UI is extremely intuitive. If you’re looking for more stuff that the Palm Pre can do, then I suggest that you check out

    • tcolberg says:

      I’m thoroughly enjoying my Palm Pre on AT&T. It was really inexpensive, especially the accessories. And now the apps are on sale. I’ve bought like 12 new apps and will probably buy a few more before the sale ends.