iOS4 Releases Today

UPDATE: It’s here. Plug your iPhone into your computer and fire up the iTunes. As even those who live in remote fishing villages probably know, today Apple is set to drop iOS4 on the streets. It’s the operating system that the iPhone4 ships with, but owners of previous generation phones will be able to upgrade to it and enjoy some of the same benefits. A friend of mine who tried it out by installing iOS 4.0 developer’s beta said,

ios4_folders_apps.jpg“The multitasking is sort of pointless right now because only 5 or 6 apps have updated so far to use the new APIs, but the folders work and the camera is crazy fast.”

To get ready to upgrade, you should download iTunes 9.2 now and do a manual backup so you don’t have to do any of that boring stuff later and can get right to playing around.

(Photo: simplyrikkles)

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