2,000,000+ Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

The CPSC recalled over 2 million drop-side cribs from seven firms today, due to reports of falling and entrapment. The makers are:

Child Craft (out of business), both fixed-side and drop-Side
Delta Enterprise Corp
Jardine Enterprises
Million Dollar Baby
Simmons Juvenile Products Inc

Drop-side cribs have a side rail that moves up and down to make it easier to pick up and put down your baby. However, every drop-side crib that has ever been recalled has been because of a problem with its hardware or durability created an opening where a child could get trapped or asphyxiated.

Here’s a video that explains the dangers more in-depth and how to deal with them.

The CPSC warns not to try to jerry-rig your drop-side crib to fix it. Immobilization devices will be issued in the next few weeks to disable the side rails from moving. However, if your drop-side hardware is damaged or broken, contact the manufacturer for an alternate solution.

Seven Manufacturers Announce Recalls to Repair Cribs to Address Entrapment, Suffocation and Fall Hazards [CPSC]
Seven firms recall 2 million drop-side cribs [Consumer Reports Safety Blog]

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