Watch Out For Stealth Magazine Subscriptions At Motherhood Maternity

Derek tells Consumerist that expectant readers should be careful when shopping at Motherhood Maternity stores. His wife ended up with a stealth subscription to Parenting magazine that she claims she never asked for or approved.

My pregnant wife went shopping at a Motherhood Maternity store about a month ago. Last week, we get an issue of Parenting Magazine in the mail. I didn’t think anything of it at the time – we get all kids of parenting crap in the mail with a two and a half year old and another baby on the way.

However, this morning, I found a $20.00 charge on my debit account from Parenting Magazine – the same account my wife used top pay for her purchase at Motherhood Maternity. After a little poking around on the interwebs, it appears that Motherhood signs you up for Parenting Magazine after you shop there, using whatever account you used at the store. I was able to call Parenting and cancel this, but the whole episode does not reflect well on Motherhood, as far as their practices towards their customers. Shady. FYI for all the parents-to-be out there.

Fair warning: watch what you’re signing as the payment screens go by at any retailer, and check your bank or credit card statements carefully for odd charges.

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