Brits Stuffing Themselves With Junk Food

Next time someone hassles you about how lousy the American diet is, point them to a new survey which shows that British consumers spend about 25% of their weekly food budget on junk food, including potato chips (or “crisps,” as they so quaintly call them), chocolate and soda. Then go finish your bag of chips.

The survey, sponsored by weight-loss company Lightlife, found that shoppers at Walmart’s ASDA chain, spent the most on crap:

ASDA shoppers were found to spend the most money on junk food, accounting for £18.23 [$26.97] each week, while those who choose to frequent Tesco averaged £16.65 [24.62] on junk food purchases. Of the shoppers surveyed, 37 per cent claimed they always spent more than they originally planned when they visit the supermarket because they end up buying sweets that catch their eye in the aisles. In addition, 81 per cent of respondents said they also purchase junk food each week while shopping outside of the supermarket.

We have no idea whether the survey classified such delicacies as bloater paste as junk food.

Brits spend 25 per cent of weekly shop on junk food [Discount News]

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